The Department of the Navy is in the process of reforming its telecommunications environment. The guiding precept of this initiative is developing and implementing an enterprise management framework that will substantially improve the manner in which telecommunications are acquired, operated and accounted for. The new framework will replace the current piecemeal approach with one that adopts enterprise buying strategies and delivers visibility into the assets and services being procured. The end result will be an optimized telecommunications environment supported through automated tools that facilitate delivering the right mix of services at the best cost.

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Electromagnetic Environmental Effects and Space Weather Event Preparedness Policy and Management

SECNAVINST 2400.2A - February 2, 2018

This instruction establishes the Department of the Navy Electromagnetic Environment (EME) policy and management consistent with national and Department of Defense EME policy directives and instructions. It establishes additional related DON policy for Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3), Space Weather Event Preparedness (SWEP), and continuity of operations. It also assigns responsibilities in the DON for ...

Radio Receiver Frequency Assignments for Mission-Critical Systems

DON CIO Memo - June 6, 2017

The purpose of this memo is to establish Department of the Navy policy regarding radio receiver frequency assignments for mission-critical systems. A mission-critical system is defined as: "A system whose operational effectiveness and operational suitability are essential to successful completion or to aggregate residual combat capability. If this system fails, the mission likely will not be completed. Such a system can ...

DON Electromagnetic Spectrum Harmful Interference Reporting

DON CIO Memo - May 10, 2017

The purpose of this memo is to clarify Department of the Navy policy regarding the reporting of Electromagnetic Spectrum Harmful Interference. National policies require spectrum sharing between industry and the federal government. It is essential that all interference is documented and reported to assist the DON in assessing the potential impact to operations within the national bilateral sharing framework.

Spectrum Supportability Risk Assessment Process Using the Spectrum Supportability Integrated Process Portal

DON CIO Memo - January 11, 2017

This memo establishes the process for the approval and subsequent programmatic requirements of Department of the Navy Spectrum Supportability Risk Assessments (SSRAs) using the Spectrum Supportability Integrated Process Portal (SSIPP).

Streamlined Process for Commercial Broadband Deployment

DUSN(M) Memo - June 30, 2016

This guidance streamlines the process for deployment and expansion of commercial broadband services on Navy and Marine Corps property.

DON Mobile (Cellular) Services Cost Management

DON CIO Memo - August 1, 2014

The Department of the Navy employs commercial cellular devices and services to enable workforce mobility. As responsible stewards of public funds, this memo dictates that all DON activities must actively manage their mobile services to minimize the cost of necessary capabilities.

DON Enterprise Mobility Integrated Product Team

DON CIO Memo - May 15, 2012

This memo establishes the Department of the Navy Enterprise Mobility Integrated Product Team (EMIPT) as the Department's designated advisory and action group, reporting to the DON Information Enterprise Governance Board for all matters pertaining to the Department's enterprise mobility efforts. Further, it establishes the EMIPT charter, which states that the EMIPT will be a collaborative initiative to facilitate a ...

Amplification Guidance for Purchase and Installation of Personal Electronic Device Smart Card Readers

DTG 281919Z JAN 09 - January 28, 2009

This Naval message provides amplification guidance for the purchase and installation of Common Access Card readers on all Personal Electronic Devices including BlackBerrys. It also identifies the procurement options for the required hardware.


2021 USN-USMC Electromagnetic Spectrum Workforce Excellence Award Winners Announced

May 4, 2021

The USN-USMC Electromagnetic Spectrum Workforce Excellence Awards program recognizes recent efforts of individuals and teams within the Navy and Marine Corps electromagnetic spectrum (ESM) communities for exceptional achievement in spectrum supportability, with the Lussier award also recognizing strategic leadership. Congratulations to the 2021 award winners!

Navigating Flank Speed

by Aaron Weis - April 28, 2021

As you peruse the latest developments around DON IT, I want to draw your attention to two major developments – the sunset of CVR on June 15 and subsequent transition to Microsoft 365, and invite you to the upcoming DON IT Conference, May 24-26.

Join DON CIO Aaron Weis for a Digital Transformation Discussion

April 16, 2021

Mark your calendar for April 22, when DON CIO Aaron Weis, and top leaders and decision-makers from DISA, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Space Force, and others from the public-sector IT community discuss IT innovation in areas such as Edge, AI, 5G, and more. Leaders will also discuss the importance of private-public partnerships in this 2021 HPE Public Sector Summit.

DON IT Conference Presentations Available

April 30, 2018

Presentations given during the DON IT conference sessions held in Norfolk, VA, April 23-25, are available by request to government civilian, military personnel, and DoD support contractors. Please submit your request by using the "Contact Us" link located in the DON CIO Information section

SECNAV Instruction 2400.2A Provides Updated DON Policy on Electromagnetic Environment Policy and Management

February 15, 2018

On 2 February 2018, Under Secretary of the Navy Thomas B. Modly signed SECNAV Instruction 2400.2A, "Electromagnetic Environmental Effects and Space Weather Event Preparedness Policy and Management." This update to SECNAV Instruction 2400.2 expands upon the original 2011 version in establishing additional related Department of the Navy policy for electromagnetic environmental effects, space weather event preparedness, and ...

DON CIO Publishes Cyber Glossary

December 11, 2017

The DON Cyber Glossary was developed by OPNAV N2N6 and coordinated with the DON CIO and US Marine Corps C4 Cybersecurity directorates. This useful glossary provides valuable information and defines significant cybersecurity terminology.

Navy Uniform App Released

by Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs - October 4, 2017

Navy announced Oct. 4 the rollout of the "OPNAV Uniform" app for iOS and Android mobile devices to provide information on how and when to wear the Navy Working Uniform (NWU) Type III.

Navy App Locker Released

March 29, 2017

Did you know the Navy App Locker app has been released? The Navy App Locker is an app version of the U.S. Navy's associated website, and provides Navy Sailors, civilians, and family members a central location to view mobile applications, review detailed information about Navy-developed apps, and have streamlined access to their device's appropriate app store.

DUSN(M) Issues Memo Streamlining Commercial Broadband Deployment Process on DON Property

July 11, 2016

In a June 30, 2016 memo, "Streamlined Process for Commercial Broadband Deployment," Mr. Thomas W. Hicks, Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy (DUSN) for Management, issued guidance that streamlines the process for deployment and expansion of commercial broadband services on Navy and Marine Corps property. "Improving the process by which DON installations are provided the best possible access to commercial broadband systems ...

Personal PEDs Allowed in Select DON Spaces

June 20, 2016

Did you know you can use your personal portable electronic devices in select DON spaces? ...

DON CIO’s Fumie Wingo Receives 2016 Federal 100 Award

March 16, 2016

On February 8, 2016, Fumie Wingo, the DON CIO Lead for International Spectrum Policy, was named as a 2016 Federal 100 Award winner for her outstanding performance in international spectrum policy negotiations and diplomacy. As the DON’s senior international electromagnetic spectrum strategist, Ms. Wingo is responsible for influencing international treaties, U.S. Government policy, and DoD spectrum governance to ensure ...

Navy Expanding Use of Smartphones on Networks

October 22, 2015

The Navy is in the process of transitioning shore-based BlackBerry users to Apple and Android-based smartphones, with a scheduled completion date of January 31, 2016. More...

Transition From Blackberry to Apple and Android Has Begun

May 11, 2015

Navy NMCI users may begin transitioning from Blackberry devices to Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. NMCI users are now authorized to procure and use the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones, as well as the iPad Air and iPad Air 2 tablets with NMCI Email. NMCI has the capacity to support 15,000 iPhone/iPad users anywhere in the Continental United States and Hawaii, and plans to increase capacity to ...

CHIPS Magazine Mobile App Now Available

January 30, 2015

The CHIPS magazine mobile app for the Android and iOS operating systems is now available. The app is designed to provide users streamlined access to the latest articles and the ability to tag articles of interest for future reference. ...

Navy Plans for Android and iOS Devices

December 23, 2014

Currently, the Navy's 28,000 smartphone users are limited to using older BlackBerry devices, but that will begin to change this month and continuing through Dec. 2015. The Navy Enterprise Networks (NEN) Program Office is making progress on plans to transition to more modern mobile devices. ...

Naval Enterprise Networks Mobile Device Plan Updated

September 16, 2014

By the end of 2014 the Naval Enterprise Networks (NEN) program office (PMW-205) expects to provide current approved mobile cellular device users with the option of utilizing iOS and Android devices. This decision resulted from limited pilots to test alternative mobile cellular devices and Defense Information Systems Agency's (DISA) certification of iOS and Android devices for use on the Navy Marine Corps Intranet.

Building on DON Success; Meeting New Challenges

by Barbara Hoffman - June 9, 2014

It has been a privilege to serve in leadership positions for the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer, including as Director of both the E-business and Investment Management teams, Principal Deputy for two very talented DON CIOs, and now as the DON CIO (Acting). Our business IT environment has evolved dramatically over this timeframe, in technology advances as well as in operational and fiscal challenges.

Savings and Efficiencies Through Enterprise Mobility

March 13, 2014

The Department of the Navy's enterprise wireless contract, established by Naval Supply Systems Command Fleet Logistics Center San Diego (FLCSD) for all DON wireless use in the CONUS, went into effect in May 2011. The contract includes provisions to lower costs; it includes free devices, web portals provided by the wireless carriers that account managers can use to analyze and "fine tune" services, and a limited number of ...

What's Next in IT - And How Do We Get There?

January 10, 2014

The current budget realities faced by the Department of the Navy have created for us a "new normal." And though we still work diligently to find more ways to save money, we also must adjust to the new normal by asking, "Now what?" How do we get from a mindset of "cutting back to save money" to using the cutting edge of technology to transform our business processes?

DON Senior Spectrum Manager Elected to IRAC Agency Vice Chair Position

May 1, 2013

The Department of the Navy's senior spectrum manager was named Agency Vice Chairman of the Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee (IRAC) April 23.

Take Precaution Before Use of Cell Phone Signal Boosters

May 1, 2013

Recent changes in Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations governing signal boosters enable the sale of certain types of these boosters within the United States. Signal boosters are devices that can improve cell phone coverage in areas where they do not get a good signal.

2013 DON IM/IT Excellence & Electromagnetic Spectrum Award Winners Announced

January 31, 2013

The Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 DON IM/IT Excellence Awards and the John J. Lussier Electromagnetic Spectrum Leadership Award.

DON Saving Significantly on Cellular

October 15, 2012

To maximize the overall power of the Department's mobile (cellular) purchasing habits, the Department of the Navy established the DON Enterprise Wireless Contracts in January 2011. The benefits of these contracts are paying off, and savings have steadily increased since the establishment of the Enterprise Wireless Contracts. ...

Mobile Device Reductions Result in Significant Savings

October 1, 2012

The Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer implemented mobility management tools and cell phone optimization training in March 2012. The overall goal is to gain business efficiencies and reduce cell phone and mobile device spend due to unused lines, total number of devices and overage minutes. To date, this effort has been very successful in setting the foundation for significant cost reductions. ...

Increasing the Dynamic of Spectrum Access

by Thomas Kidd - August 13, 2012

The final step in the dynamic federal agency spectrum access process within the United States is receiving a radio frequency assignment from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. This notification from the assistant secretary of commerce for communications and information is required for federal spectrum-dependent systems to operate within the United States. The Code of Federal Regulations Title ...

New Integrated Product Team to Promote DON Mobility

by Dan Delgrosso and Mike Hernon - August 13, 2012

The Department of the Navy Enterprise Mobility Integrated Product Team charter was signed by Terry Halvorsen,DON Chief Information Officer, May 15, 2012. The charter defines the process that the enterprise will adopt to assess and enhance the DON's mobility capabilities using wireless and other remote connectivity options.

DON CIO Speaks at Naval War College's Senior Enlisted Academy Graduation

August 1, 2012

There are few milestones that better mark a time, an accomplishment and the hope for a bright future than a graduation. On July 12, 2012, Terry Halvorsen, Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer, had the honor of speaking at the graduation ceremony of the most recent graduating class of the Senior Enlisted Academy of the Naval War College in Newport, RI. He spoke of the challenges the graduates will face and how ...

NMCI Continues to Offer Solutions for Diverse Mission Needs

April 30, 2012

The Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) has been operational for more than 10 years and serves more than 810,000 users across the country. The network continues to mature every day with the implementation of new solutions and security measures designed to help Sailors and Marines perform their mission critical tasks more effectively and efficiently. ...

Enabling Business Transformation "On the Go"

by Dan DelGrosso and Mike Hernon - April 20, 2012

Increasing the ability to conduct business on the go, away from a traditional office or desktop environment, can be a key enabler of the Department of the Navy's business transformation process. Arming DON personnel with access to the department's knowledge base regardless of their location will improve effectiveness in any new or improved business process.

Transforming Spectrum Management

by Thomas Kidd - April 20, 2012

Emerging technology has always compelled traditional spectrum management processes to adapt and evolve. The 2012 International Telecommunication Union World Radiocommunication Conference issued new international radio regulation treaty language regarding software defined radio and cognitive radio systems.

Ensuring Spectrum-Dependent Systems are "Up to Code" Saving Time, Money

by Thomas Kidd and Mark Rossow - January 17, 2012

To achieve the most efficient use of communications-electronics (C-E) resources, the required capabilities of systems and equipment should be met during the procurement phase — rather than investing in equipment that may require redesign or retrofitting after development. Therefore, it is more critical than ever in these budget constrained times that program offices and procuring officials take advantage of processes ...

New DON Mobile Contracts and Tools Drive Savings

by Mike Hernon - January 17, 2012

In today's efforts to identify and leverage all potential efficiency opportunities, one area often overlooked is a device that hundreds of thousands of Department of Defense personnel carry every day — their mobile phone. With voice and data plans sometimes costing more than $100 a month, the DoD spends tens of millions of dollars on cellular bills every month to ensure that personnel away from the office have access to ...

Ensuring Your Solicitation is Section 508 Compliant

by Sherrian Finneran - October 27, 2011

Since 1998, when Congress amended the Rehabilitation Act, all federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, are required to make electronic and information technology (E&IT) accessible to individuals with disabilities. The law applies to all federal agencies when they develop, procure, maintain, or use electronic and information technology.

Telework Driving Demand for Remote Access

by Mike Hernon - October 27, 2011

The Department of the Navy anticipates that personnel will begin teleworking in significant numbers when a new telework policy is released shortly. As a result, there will be explosive growth in the number of users who need to connect to the Navy Marine Corps Intranet and other government networks from remote locations, primarily from a home office, but also from other locations via cellular or Wi-Fi networks.

The Spectrum Sharing and Reallocation Dilemma

by Thomas Kidd and Mark Rossow - October 27, 2011

The electromagnetic spectrum is a unique resource. While in some ways it is similar to other resources, like oil or water, in other ways, it is very different. The electromagnetic spectrum is typically defined as the set of all non-ionizing radiation electromagnetic frequencies.

News From the DON Mobility Program

by Mike Hernon - August 19, 2011

This is a very active year in the area of enterprise mobility. In the commercial marketplace, dozens of new devices, the vast majority of which are tablets, were released, or announced for imminent release, as manufacturers race to meet growing consumer demand for greater mobile performance and functionality.

Reshaping the DON's Approach to Buying and Managing IT Resources

by Floyd Groce and Karen M. Davis - August 15, 2011

As all personnel within the Department of Defense and across the federal government are well aware, this is an era of increased budget scrutiny. However, with this scrutiny comes a new opportunity to assess and advance how DoD operates and to improve efficiency across a wide variety of business units and operations. As a significant budget item, the massive information technology infrastructure is no exception and offers ...

Implementing DON IT/Cyberspace Efficiency Initiatives & Realignment

by Lynda Pierce - May 4, 2011

In the January-March 2011 issue of CHIPS, the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer announced the DON CIO's role in addressing information technology/cyberspace efficiency initiatives and realignment in the Department of the Navy, in response to a memo released by the Under Secretary of the Navy Dec. 3, 2010. The Under Secretary directed the DON CIO to take the lead for this endeavor.

We Live In A Radiant World

by Tom Kidd - February 25, 2011

Our atmosphere is filled with electromagnetic energy from many sources. These include manmade emissions from sensors and communications equipment, electrical power lines and generators, as well as natural emissions from lightning, the sun, cosmic radiation and other sources. The electromagnetic environment is all around us every day. For example, electromagnetic energy from the sun reflects off the moon and refracts ...

DON IT/Cyberspace Efficiency Initiatives and Realignment

by Lynda Pierce - January 31, 2011

The Under Secretary of the Navy, The Honorable Robert O. Work, signed a memo, dated Dec. 3, 2010, addressing information technology (IT)/cyberspace efficiency initiatives and realignment in the Department of the Navy. The memo underscores the challenge from Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) Robert Gates to think about the DON's approach to IT initiatives and to centralize and consolidate efforts where it makes sense. Work ...

500,000 Apps (and Nothin' On), Will Mobile Apps Get Serious in 2011?

by Mike Hernon - January 21, 2011

Most of the buzz in the mobility world these days is about apps, apps and more apps. The growth in the number and variety of mobile applications during the past 18 months has been dramatic. This has been the result of the owners of mobile operating systems promoting their platforms to the application developer community and providing free or low-cost development tools. Mobile devices now compete in the marketplace on ...

Cellular Devices in Classified Spaces

by Mike Hernon, Tony Soules and Bob Turner - May 22, 2010

Not a week goes by without an inquiry to the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer or the Navy or Marine Corps Designated Approving Authority (DAA) regarding the desire to bring a commercial wireless device, usually a BlackBerry, into restricted areas where classified information is discussed, stored or otherwise processed.

Climate Monitoring

by Tom Kidd - March 10, 2010

The DON CIO represented the DON at the first International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and World Meteorological Organization (WMO) joint seminar in September 2009. It was organized as an open forum for discussion of the ITU and WMO roles in the use of radio spectrum, space orbits and radio-based meteorological tools and systems for monitoring, mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Greener Spectrum

by Tom Kidd - March 10, 2010

While the range between 540 – 610 in terahertz (THz) is (literally) the "green" portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, that isn't what we are going to discuss here. This article introduces the concept of the electromagnetic spectrum as a critical resource in the study of climate change. The Department of the Navy electromagnetic spectrum community supports many different radio and telecommunication technologies ...

Radio in 2050

by Tom Kidd - March 10, 2010

It can be embarrassing to attempt to predict technology beyond its current development horizon. This is especially challenging when the technology has begun to accelerate exponentially. To predict the future of radio into the second half of the 21st century, we will need to look back at its development from a 19th century oddity, to a 20th century necessity, and into the early years of the 21st century.

NMCI Gets Into A Hot Spot

by Mike Hernon - March 4, 2010

For years now, Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) users have jealously eyed the laptop-wielding, Wi-Fi-connected masses in coffee shops, hotels and airports as they turned idle time into productive time. Barred from full network access, NMCI users on the go had to settle for cellular phones, air cards and Outlook Web Access to provide mobile support. While these capabilities provide some fairly productive mobility tools, ...

Putting Text to the Test

by Mike Hernon and Bob Turner - November 12, 2009

Delivering a robust enterprise mobility capability to the Department of the Navy workforce requires leveraging various wireless tools at our disposal. One such tool, Short Message Service (SMS), or text messaging, is often overlooked but can provide significant benefits when used appropriately.

Optimizing Telecom Usage While Cutting Costs: Telecommunications Expense Management in the DON

by Mike Hernon, Ken Brennan and Shirley Dolengo - August 19, 2009

The year was 1978 – the Bee Gees' "Night Fever" ruled the charts; "Mork and Mindy" first hit the airwaves; and it cost 15 cents to mail a letter, which people did a lot then because almost no one had e-mail. That year also witnessed the drafting of a Department of the Navy telecommunications policy that remains in effect today.

The Choice Between Wired and Wireless

by Tom Kidd - August 19, 2009

Whether wireless voice, video or data, the number of wireless applications are increasing. Wireless capabilities can be as simple as a wireless doorbell system or as complex as a naval unmanned aerial system providing real-time intelligence to forward-deployed Marines and Sailors. While the use of wireless systems is certainly advantageous for mobile requirements, wired systems retain a number of inherent benefits for ...

DON Telecommunications Working Group Launched

March 2, 2009

On Feb. 10, 2009, the Department of the Navy Telecommunications Working Group was formally launched in conjunction with the West Coast DON IM/IT Conference held in San Diego. The working group was chartered by DON CIO to assist in the development and execution of strategies to deliver an optimized telecommunications environment.

Telecommunications Expense Management Tools

February 2, 2009

The Department of the Navy is in the process of reforming its telecommunications environment. The guiding precept of this initiative is developing and implementing an enterprise management framework that will substantially improve the manner in which telecommunications are acquired, operated and accounted for. The new framework will replace the current piecemeal approach with one that adopts enterprise buying strategies ...

BlackBerries and CACs Get Connected

by Mike Hernon - December 3, 2007

The Department of the Navy is a dynamic enterprise with personnel constantly on the move between the office, temporary duty assignments and military deployments. Maintaining connectivity to voice and data services is essential to mobile workers so that they may perform their jobs as efficiently and effectively as possible. This capability, referred to as "enterprise mobility," is a critical component of the ongoing work ...


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December 11, 2017

The DON Cyber Glossary was developed by OPNAV N2N6 and coordinated with the DON CIO and US Marine Corps C4 Cybersecurity directorates. This useful glossary provides valuable information and defines significant cybersecurity terminology.

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September 13, 2012

This toolkit assists individuals in developing, tracking, and managing their careers and facilitates competency management for the information management/information technology and knowledge management (KM) professional at the organizational level.