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The DON CIO is implementing a Navy and Marine Corps Portal strategy that will provide the single sign-on gateway to the Department of the Navy's core enterprise applications, services and processes. This strategy will align with Department of Defense and Joint efforts. The DON CIO is intensifying efforts to eliminate legacy networks, servers, systems, applications and duplicative data environments. The DON CIO is transforming proprietary and tightly coupled systems and applications into a set of enterprise services that emphasize loosely coupled systems and processes. These enterprise services will be leveraged across the Department to provide seamless connectivity to mission critical information.

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Microsoft Software Assurance for Microsoft Products

DON CIO Memo - June 8, 2012

The purpose of this memo is to clarify the manner in which SECNAVINST 5230.15, "Information Management/Information Technology Policy for Fielding of Commercial Off the Shelf Software" applies to Microsoft products. Microsoft SA is provided under Microsoft's licensing model and provides features essential to prevent operational and security vulnerability risks posed by unsupported software.

DON Policy for the Procurement of IT Development and Support Services

DON Memo - April 23, 2012

This policy emphasizes the mandatory use of the GSA Alliant/Alliant Small Business, DISA Encore II, Army ITES-2S, Air Force NETCENTS, NIH GWAC, and Seaport-E contract vehicles for the acquisition of IT development and support services in the following scenarios: 1) in new acquisitions and 2) in all competitive follow-on contracts/task orders where three or fewer offers were received in the previous acquisition.

DITPR-DON Process Guidance v1.0

DON Guidance - December 5, 2011

The Department of Defense Information Technology Portfolio Repository-Department of the Navy (DITPR-DON) process guidance document provides a comprehensive discussion of core DITPR-DON functionality and basic lifecycle transactions. This information will enable all users to gain the understanding necessary to perform the basic IT asset management functions of registering, transferring and archiving DON IT systems within ...

DON Navy Marine Corps Portal Environment Strategy

DON CIO Memo - July 7, 2011

This memo directs the consolidation of the Department of the Navy's portal and web services into an integrated and centrally governed Navy Marine Corps Portal Environment (NMCP) to enhance an effective security posture and to ensure mission effectiveness, cost savings, interoperability and ease of use. It establishes the vision, goal, objectives and governance to be used to create the framework and enable the DON to ...

Appointment of DON Deputy Chief Information Officer as Functional Area Manager Authority for Navy

VCNO Memo - June 10, 2011

This memo appoints the Department of the Navy Deputy Chief Information Officer as the single Functional Area Manager authority for Navy.

IM/IT Policy for Enterprise Interoperability Across the DON Next Generation Enterprise Network

DON CIO Memo - May 15, 2009

Enterprise interoperability across the Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) is a critical component of ensuring that NGEN becomes the first step toward achieving the Naval Networking Environment (NNE) 2016 vision and strategy, of ubiquitous access to data and services across the Department of the Navy. This policy memo mandates the implementation of four critical initial enterprise interoperability capabilities as ...

DoD NIPRNET DMZ HTTP Whitelist Testing

DTG 241757Z APR 09 - April 24, 2009

This Naval message is about the NIPRNet Hardening Initiative. The first increment of this initiative involves the registering, testing, and restricting access to and from the Internet of all public-facing File Transfer Protocol (FTP), web, e-mail and Domain Name System (DNS) servers. The first step in this first increment was successfully completed. The DON CIO congratulates all involved for a job well done. This message ...

Cyberspace Policy and Administration Within the DON

SECNAVINST 3052.2 - March 6, 2009

This instruction establishes policies and responsibilities for the administration of cyberspace within the Department of the Navy.

DON Web Presence Policy: The Registration, Compliance of, and Investment in, All Unclassified Web Sites and Uniform Resource Locators

Joint DON CIO and CHINFO Memo - October 17, 2007

This policy provides Department of the Navy guidance for governing the registration, content, compliance, and investment of all unclassified DON web sites and their associated Uniform Resource Locators. The policy applies to all DON commands and activities with unclassified web sites (publicly accessible or access restricted) designed, developed, procured or managed by DON activities and/or hosted and managed by their ...

Global Information Grid Architecture Federation Strategy

OSD/NII/DCIO Memo - August 6, 2007

This strategy outlines how existing architectures will be linked and related to provide a comprehensive view of the Department of Defense enterprise, while allowing for autonomy of individual architectures. The federated approach is one that accommodates the delivery of an organization as large as DoD. Upon clicking the link, select "general public documents" in the "quick links section" of the webpage, then type in the ...

Navy Marine Corps Portal Guidance Memorandum Number 1

SECNAV Memo - February 28, 2003

This memo established the requirement for a Navy and Marine Corps Portal environment designed to provide a single integrated enterprise portal framework.


DON IT Conference Small Business Networking

May 17, 2019

The 2019 East Coast DON IT Conference, scheduled for June 3-5, will include a Small Business Forum and Speed Networking session providing the opportunity for one-on-one discussions between small business representatives and DON IT leaders. This forum will be held on Monday, June 3, from 1:00 - 5:00 pm at the conference hotel, The Hilton Norfolk The Main, in Salon DE on the 4th floor.

Oracle Software Enterprise License Agreement Signed

June 18, 2013

On June 13, 2013 the Department of the Navy awarded a DON Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) for Oracle software that is expected to save over $60M across the Future Years Defense Program. The five-year agreement supports DON information technology efficiency efforts by consolidating procurement of all Oracle software across the department. This ELA, awarded to Oracle reseller DLT Solutions, gives the DON unlimited use ...

New Integrated Product Team to Promote DON Mobility

by Dan Delgrosso and Mike Hernon - August 13, 2012

The Department of the Navy Enterprise Mobility Integrated Product Team charter was signed by Terry Halvorsen,DON Chief Information Officer, May 15, 2012. The charter defines the process that the enterprise will adopt to assess and enhance the DON's mobility capabilities using wireless and other remote connectivity options.

DON Standard BCA Template Updated

July 26, 2011

An update to the Department of the Navy Standard Business Case Analysis Template, as well as a new user guide, is now available on the DON Chief Information Officer website.

Implementing DON IT/Cyberspace Efficiency Initiatives & Realignment

by Lynda Pierce - May 4, 2011

In the January-March 2011 issue of CHIPS, the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer announced the DON CIO's role in addressing information technology/cyberspace efficiency initiatives and realignment in the Department of the Navy, in response to a memo released by the Under Secretary of the Navy Dec. 3, 2010. The Under Secretary directed the DON CIO to take the lead for this endeavor.

Software as a Service

by Chris Panaro - May 22, 2010

Software as a Service (SaaS) has become a hot topic over the past few years. As a result of this heightened interest, the Department of Defense Enterprise Software Initiative (DoD ESI) developed the SaaS Toolkit to provide independent and unbiased educational materials for the DoD information technology acquisition and management community. The toolkit is available at www.esi.mil and provides access to decision-analysis ...

NMCI Deploys Collaboration Software

March 25, 2009

NMCI has begun deploying software associated with collaboration tools offered through the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). The software is being delivered to users via a Radia software push. As a result, users will begin to see Jabber and IBM Sametime chat programs in their “start programs” menu. These tools are intended to increase connectivity and collaboration across the DoD enterprise. Users who do not see ...

NNE~2016 Strategy Paper Released

May 14, 2008

The DON CIO recently released the DON Naval Networking Environment (NNE)~2016 Strategic Definition, Scope, and Strategy Paper. This document outlines the vision for a robust and highly interconnected enterprise networking capability in the 2016 timeframe to fully support the needs of our warfighters and warfighter-support organizations and personnel. The vision and strategy outlined in the NNE~2016 paper will be used as ...

What is NGEN?

February 14, 2008

NGEN at a Glance: The Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) will be the follow-on to the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI). NGEN is the first step towards achieving the Department of the Navy’s future vision of a fully integrated Naval Networking Environment (NNE). The NGEN initiative is in the pre-decision phase; requirements are currently being defined and approved. The DON has actively engaged with ...

On the Horizon: New Navy Network

by Karen E. Thuermer, Military Information Technology - February 13, 2008

With time ticking away on the Navy Marine Corps Intranet contract due to expire in 2010, Department of the Navy officials are working hard to formulate what they see as the next generation enterprisewide intranet network.


Featured Articles: April-June 2021

April 28, 2021

The Need for a Strong Cybersecurity Culture John Bunkall Leveraging Data to Drive Decision Advantage: Naval Reserve Force Operations and the Jupiter Analytics Environment Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer, Office of the DON Chief Data Officer

DoD IT BCA and DON Enterprise IT Abbreviated BCA Templates

August 13, 2015

The DoD Information Technology Business Case Analysis (BCA) Template and the DON Enterprise IT Abbreviated BCA template, are used to provide fact-based information to support a recommended course of action for IT related projects or acquisitions. BCAs are required in accordance with DoD CIO memo: "Use of Enterprise Information Technology Standard Business Case," as well the DON BCA policy, ...

Follow-up From DON IT Conference Data Center Consolidation Session

February 9, 2012

The recent data center consolidation session held Jan. 25 at the Deparment of the Navy Information Technology Conference in San Diego included information about the ongoing efforts of the Navy and Marine Corps to address federal and departmental mandates to close data centers. Below is a list of questions generated by this session.