January-March 2010

January-March 2010 Issue
From the DON CIO
By Thomas Kidd
By Thomas Kidd
By Victor Ecarma
NAVSEA Headquarters' Perspective
By Mr. D. Mark Johnson and Mr. J. Don Pierce
Resurrecting the Capability in a New World
By Blaise Corbett and James Partak
By Thomas Kidd
By Sonya Smith
International Spectrum
The Government of Iraq (GoI) began managing the high frequency radio band throughout the country in October '09
By Multi-National Force-Iraq Public Affairs
Navy Medicine
By Deborah Gonzales
Information emerges as a core warfighting capability equivalent to seapower and airpower
By Jack N. Summe
Early Transition Activities will ensure the seamless follow-on of the Next Generation Enterprise Network
By Capt. Tim Holland
By Sharon Anderson
New Technologies
U.S. Marines will no longer have to worry about what is hidden behind the next rock – they will know
By Tom LaPuzza
A unique environment of virtual reality, sophisticated technology and real warfighter conditions
By Sharon Anderson
New technical vision for the C4ISR, Business IT and Space Community
By Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command Public Affairs
Around the Fleet
By Joel H. Timm
Navy Training
By Joy Samsel

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