July-September 2011

July-September 2011 Issue
Director for C4, Deputy Commanding General, Marine Forces Cyber Command and DON Deputy CIO (Marine Corps)
By CHIPS Magazine
By Vice Adm. Kendall Card
Commander, U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/Commander, U.S. 10th Fleet
By CHIPS Magazine
Commander, Navy Installations Command
By CHIPS Magazine
Director, Energy and Environmental Readiness Division Director, Task Force Energy
By CHIPS Magazine
Requirements Analyst, U.S. Marine Corps Expeditionary Energy Office
By CHIPS Magazine
Director, Navy Irregular Warfare Office
By CHIPS Magazine
NRL — 85 years of innovation
By CHIPS Magazine
Interview with John P. Farley Director for ex-USS Shadwell test operations
By CHIPS Magazine
U.S. military commands and agencies work bilaterally with Japan to assist after devastating triple disasters
By Capt. Craig Goodman, Capt. Carlene Wilson, Cmdr. Jeffrey Buss and Lt. Ryan Tashma
A call for a new lessons learned paradigm for Navy Information
By Cmdr. Steve Jacobs
From the DON CIO
By Floyd Groce and Karen M. Davis
Version 2.1.000 is Released
By Fumie Wingo
By Steve Muck
By Michelle Schmith
From Around the Fleet and Program Offices
NAVAIR's rapid development of naval air assets
By Holly Quick
MIDS-LVT terminals are successfully integrated into a diverse, yet complementary set of platforms and national and international command and control agencies.
By JPEO JTRS Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Directorate
By Ann Dakis
By Arijit Das and Tony Kendall
By Office of Naval Research
By Amanda George

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