April-June 2010

April-June 2010 Issue
From the DON CIO
By Christopher R. Perry
An interview with Chris Kelsall, DON CIO Cyber/IT Workforce Director and Tammy Johnson, Deputy Director, Human Resources Service Center, Northwest
By Mary Purdy
By Chris Panaro
By James Mauck
By Victor Ecarma
By Kimberly N. Brooks
By CHIPS Magazine
Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance
Director of Naval Intelligence
By CHIPS Magazine
Commander, U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/Commander, U.S. 10th Fleet
By CHIPS Magazine
Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer
By CHIPS Magazine
Supreme Allied Commander, Europe and Commander, U.S. European Command
By CHIPS Magazine
Commander, Navy Cyber Forces and Naval Network Warfare Command
By CHIPS Magazine
Information Dominance/Cyber
By Adm. James G. Stavridis
Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic delivers innovative capabilities in an NMKMS architecture
By Holly Quick
By Lee Zimmerman and Antonio Siordia
New integrated system allows far-forward warfighters access to the rapidly expanding motion imagery collection
By Nancy Reasor
Annual Joint Tactical Radio System forum provides a marketplace to connect buyers and sellers, promotes entrepreneurial business models and encourages game-changing innovation
By Mike Daily
By CHIPS Magazine

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