January-March 2015

January-March 2015 Issue
Join the innovators in the Navy Brightwork group
By Sharon Anderson
By Patric Petrie, SSC Pacific lead writer
Former Deputy J6 for CJTF-HOA discusses enterprise services for the warfighter
By U.S. Navy Reserve Capt. Joyce F. Richardson
By Ms. Amira Tann, Financial Management Analyst DON CIO and Mr. Danny Chae, Financial Management Analyst, ASN FMC (FMO)
Leveraging Information Dominance Warfare as an Instrument of Naval Power
By U.S. Navy Captains James H. Mills and Danelle Barrett
Enabling Decision Superiority
By Kirk R. Benson
By Philip Lee, U.S. Marine Corps Maj. A.J. Martinez and Robert P. Kozloski
By Lt. Dave Nobles
Operational savvy simply cannot be mass-produced
By Cmdr. Pablo C. Breuer, N6A, Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff for C4I, COMUSNAVCENT/C5F
By Capt. Ramberto “Rambo” Torruella Jr.
By Ms. Carla Carrillo, JIE Coordination Office Lead
By Heather Rutherford
By Secretary of the Navy Public Affairs
By Lt. Cmdr. Santiago Martinez
By Sharon Anderson
By Sharon Anderson
True dominance — turning your desired reality into actual reality
By Lt. Jacob Foster Davis
By PEO EIS Public Affairs Office
By Master Chief Cryptologic Technician Collection, James D. Eaton, Lead Chief Petty Officer, Navy Cryptologic Office (N9), U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. TENTH Fleet
By Sharon Anderson
French Air Force General Jean-Paul Paloméros
By CHIPS Magazine
By CHIPS Magazine
Improving intelligence estimates to support decision-makers
By CHIPS Magazine
Meets Vice President Joe Biden and participates in White House sponsored Cybersecurity Workforce Pipeline Consortium
By CHIPS Magazine
By Sharon Anderson
Task Force Cyber Awakening leads the charge
By Sharon Anderson
By Ashley Nekoui, SSC Pacific Public Affairs
By Patric Petrie, SSC Pacific lead writer
By Sharon Anderson
By Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific Public Affairs
SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific researchers are developing new multiband antenna
By Patric Petrie, SSC Pacific lead writer
By CHIPS Magazine
By Expeditionary Strike Group 2 Public Affairs
By Heather Rutherford
By Sharon Anderson
Building on 65 years of experience, 65 years of success
By French Air Force Gen. Jean-Paul Paloméros Supreme Allied Commander Transformation
By DON CIO Communications Team
By Steve Daughety
By Bryan Mensi and Danielle Bryant, Naval Oceanographic Office
By Office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance (OPNAV N2/N6)
By Office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance (OPNAV N2/N6)
A Multi-Part IT Service Management Novella, Part 3: “The Measure of Success”
By Mukesh Barot, Navy IT Service Management Office, and Phil Withers, Navy ITSMO Contractor Support Staff
Navy communicators must consider multiple factors to correctly assess the status of afloat email systems
By Christopher B. Landis
Join the discussion April 6-17
By Philip Lee and Robert P. Kozloski

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