October-December 2014

October-December 2014 Issue
CANES provides advanced cybersecurity and more
By Sharon Anderson
The Navy’s Blue Angels continue to thrill
By Heather Rutherford
By Dr. Linda Thomas and Dr. Christopher Moore, NRL Code 8123
A data-centric methodological approach
By Stephen Munchak and Ariel Michel-Ribeiro
Reallocating DoD spectrum assignments
By Stephen Munchak
An Approach to the Universal Maneuver Domain
By Jesse Bourque
By Sharon Anderson
By DON CIO Privacy Team
A new site dedicated to collaboration on Navy cybersecurity topics, issues and programs
By Office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance (OPNAV N2/N6)
From the Civil War to Midway to Virtual Reality
By Heather Rutherford
By DON Enterprise Software Licensing Program Office (PMM 110)
By U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. 10th Fleet Public Affairs
Commander, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command
By CHIPS Magazine
Navy Task Force Cyber Awakening Lead
By CHIPS Magazine
By CHIPS Magazine
Fleet Electronic Warfare Center doing great work on EM and Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare
By CHIPS Magazine
Capt. Barrett explains NAVIDFOR efforts on behalf of Task Force Cyber Awakening and the fleet
By CHIPS Magazine
SPAWAR Cyber Readiness Team talks about ongoing efforts for the fleet
By Tina Stillions, Public Affairs Specialist SPAWAR Headquarters
DON files cyber warfare trademark application
By Sharon Anderson
OPNAV N2/N6 takes the lead
By Office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance (OPNAV N2/N6)
By Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer
APQC is the world’s largest online source of business benchmarks, metrics, and best practices
By Darlene T. Shaw, SPAWAR Chief Knowledge Officer
Allies train together and offer naval hospitality
By Sharon Anderson
CANES critical to information dominance
By Lt. j.g. Kara Yingling, USS Higgins Public Affairs
By CHIPS Magazine
By INSURV Communication Department
By NUWC Division, Keyport Public Affairs
By Christopher Julka
By NAVIDFOR Public Affairs
By NAVIDFOR Public Affairs
No fair fight for Sailors and Marines
By Sharon Anderson
By DoD News
By Micah Jones and Lynda Pierce
A Multi-Part IT Service Management Novella, Part 2: “The Stairway to Success”
By Mukesh Barot, Navy IT Service Management Office and Phil Withers, Navy ITSMO Contractor Support Staff
By Sharon Anderson
New office of DON Strategy and Innovation to be created
By Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy (Management)
By NAVIDFOR Public Affairs
New E-2D aircraft provides advanced netted sensors to support NIFC-CA missions
By Sharon Anderson

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