October-December 2010

October-December 2010 Issue
From the DON CIO
By Mary Purdy
By Pete Gillis
By Gunnery Sgt. John Paramadilok
Navy Revamps IT Training Pipeline
By Chris Kelsall
By Steve Ward and Thomas Kidd
By Kimberly Brooks and Victor Ecarma
By DON CIO Cyber/IT Workforce Team
By Russell Pitcher
By Gary Nichols
Around the Fleet
As the pioneering organization under the DoD, SPAWAR Pacific has tested and deployed IPv6 in parallel compatibility with IPv4 for nearly 10 years without sacrificing the old for the new protocol
By MC1 (SW/AW) Derrick M. Ingle
By Frank Kara
By Ed Barker
By Ann Dakis
From the Department of Defense
A one-stop shop website for all DoD IA policies and regulations
By John Dittmer
Army Soldiers and civilians respond with ingenuity and speed
By Holly Quick
DON CIO Director of the Cyber/IT Workforce
By CHIPS Magazine
Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance (N2/N6)
By CHIPS Magazine
Career development and the Information Dominance Corps
By CHIPS Magazine
Commander, Expeditionary Strike Group 2
By CHIPS Magazine
A conversation with Sea Warrior Program Manager Capt. Michael Murphy
By CHIPS Magazine

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