October-December 2003

October-December 2003 Issue
By CHIPS Magazine
with Barbara Johnson, Umbrella program manager, and Floyd Groce, DON representative and co-chair of the ESI Working Group
By CHIPS Magazine
SPAWAR Deputy Commander
By CHIPS Magazine
Technology is supporting ground forces today and helping the Army transform for tomorrow...
By CHIPS Magazine
From the DON CIO
By Floyd Groce
By Steven M. Ehrler
By Lt.j.g. Amanda Raymond
By U.S. Navy Cmdr. Scott Starsman, Cmdr. Tina Swallow and Lt. Cmdr. Danelle Barrett
By Pen Stout, PMP
By Connie White and Debra Meyer
By U.S. Naval Reserve Capt. Robert Conway, Fleet Liaison Officer, DON eBusiness Operations Office
By CHIPS Magazine
By Richard B. Waina, P.E., Ph.D.
By CHIPS Magazine
Next Generation Network-Centric, Multi-Mission Destroyer
By U.S. Naval Reserve JO1(AW) John J. Joyce
By U.S. Naval Reserve JO1(AW) John J. Joyce

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