July-September 2004

July-September 2004 Issue
Q&A with Dennis M. Bauman, PEO C4I and Space
By CHIPS Magazine
From the DON CIO
By CHIPS Magazine
By Lynda Pierce, DON CIO Communications and Public Affairs
By CHIPS Magazine
By Honorable Michael Wynne
By Sharon Anderson
By Chris Alspaugh, Tom Hepner, Cam Tran, Ph.D., Wonita Youm, Albert K. Legaspi, Ph.D., Steve Ferenci, Richard Fujimoto, Ph.D., and Myung Choi, Ph.D.
By Dave J. Roberts, DBA
By Ronald Neil Kostoff, Ph.D.
By the SSC San Diego Composeable FORCEnet Team
By CHIPS Magazine
By Marietta Atwater
A model for future C4I systems engineering.
By SSC San Diego Staff
By Lt. Cmdr. Eric Higgins and Jason Hall
By Philipp Charles and Lt. Cmdr. Phil Turner
By Eric T. Mazzacone
By Patrick G. Koehler

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