April-June 2008

April-June 2008 Issue
Defense, Diplomacy and Development
By CHIPS Magazine
Acting Director, Office of Technology Transition, Office of the Deputy USD for Advanced Systems & Concepts
By CHIPS Magazine
By CHIPS Magazine
From the DON CIO
By the DON CIO Communications Team
Streamlining the Spectrum Supportability Process
By Thomas Kidd and Lois Fairclough
New BlackBerry Security Settings Take Effect in February
By the DON Enterprise Services Management Team
Building mutual trust, respect and confidence through a sustained relationship with African countries
By U.S. Navy Cmdr. Denise Shorey, AFRICOM public affairs
DAC gives small and medium-sized vendors the opportunity to inject innovative proposals into the Defense market
By CHIPS Magazine
SPAWARSYSACTPAC scores high with strong leadership for mission success
By Joanne Newton, SSC San Diego Public Affairs
Competition, open standards, software reuse and a joint governance structure turn the once struggling program into a winner providing capabilities to warfighters at the tactical edge.
By CHIPS Magazine
By CHIPS Magazine
By Sharon Anderson
A Portfolio Approach to Delivering Capability to the Warfighter
By Marty Westphal
Increasing automated system accuracy by improving algorithms used for digital motion estimation.
By SSC Charleston
By Sharon Anderson
Improved manufacturing processes and a dedicated team help to aggressively ramp up MRAP vehicle production
By Lt. Brian E. Phillips
By Ms. Jamie Hatch, COMPACFLT N01KM
By the Center for Seabees and Facilities Engineering
By Maria L. Tolleson, SSC New Orleans Public Affairs
By MC1(SW/AW) John Osborne, Naval Personnel Development Command Public Affairs
Delivering fire power and situational awareness
By Sharon Anderson
Building a Legacy since 1942
By CHIPS Magazine
Exciting new look and feel makes navigation easier and faster
By CHIPS Magazine
By CHIPS Magazine
By Diana Benoit
By Ensign Jan Shultis
Getting the most from your information technology investment
By Sharon Anderson, Linda Greenwade and Sylvia Neidig

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