July-September 2008

July-September 2008 Issue
Air Force Cyberspace Command (Provisional) Commander
By CHIPS Magazine
Deputy Director U.S. 2nd Fleet, Combined Joint Operations from the Sea Center of Excellence
By CHIPS Magazine
From the DON CIO
Cyber crime is fast-growing and lucrative ... and increasingly easier using sophisticated automated tools
By James Belt
By Brant Frey
By the DON CIO Communications Team
Navy leverages Air Force experiment to focus on command and control operations
By Sharon Anderson
By Sharon Anderson
NASSG participates in coalition maritime security exercises to strengthen regional partnerships and promote global prosperity
By CHIPS Magazine
By Sharon Anderson
By Sharon Anderson
By CHIPS Magazine
Navy officers and government engineers ensure combat systems are strike group ready and surge capable
By Sharon Anderson
A digital, real-time, efficient and cost-effective sensor distribution method.
By Sharon Anderson
Improving battlefield command and control communications
By CHIPS Magazine
SWE automates HM&E equipment monitoring
By CHIPS Magazine
By CHIPS Magazine
A situation report by the deputy director of Trident Warrior
By Brad Poeltler
If you aren't prepared—you're rolling the dice
By Sharon Anderson
By CHIPS Magazine
By NETWARCOM Public Affairs
NGC2P, MIDS on ship programs prepare for fleet introduction
By Steven A. Davis and Mike O'Gara
By Rear Adm. Frank Thorp
By Texas Army National Guard Master Sgt. Brenda Benner
By U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Brian Hill
By Retired Albanian Armed Forces Lt. Col. Ulsi Meta
Professional training coupled with a systematic approach delivers successful C4I capabilities on time and on budget
By U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. Stephen Bowman
System integration and interoperability to meet warfighter needs
By Army Maj. Shawn Murray
Customer focus and continuous process improvement lead to effective management of Navy networks
By U.S. 2nd Fleet Public Affairs
Decision aid tools can help bring faltering projects back on the road to success
By Mary Hoffken and Steven Krumm
By CHIPS Magazine
By Susan Piedfort
By Joanne Newton
By Jim Markle
By Lt. Brian E. Phillips

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