April-June 2009

April-June 2009 Issue
Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Communication Networks
By CHIPS Magazine
NATO Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation
By CHIPS Magazine
Commander, Naval Network Warfare Command
By CHIPS Magazine
USJFCOM Strategy and Policy Directorate
By CHIPS Magazine
Exceptional performance, exceptional crew
By Sharon Anderson
Commodore of the USS Bataan ESG and Commander PHIBRON2
By CHIPS Magazine
Department of the Navy Policy
Millions Targeted for Savings on Client and Enterprise Computing
By Floyd Groce and Roger Yee
By CHIPS Magazine
By DON CIO Privacy Team
By CHIPS Magazine
By Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command Public Affairs
Information Assurance
Automating afloat network patch management examinations for fleet IAMs
By Lt. Cmdr. Ricardo Vigil
By U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Jeffrey Hammond and Mary Purdy
By Chris Kelsall
New role-playing game enhances a Sailor's critical thinking and problem-solving ability
By Scott A. Thornbloom
Information Sharing
By Brian Burns
Conference provides opportunities for learning and networking with colleagues
By Holly Quick
Transforming the DON through innovative IT projects
By CHIPS Magazine
KM can be successful without expensive technology and with simple changes
By Cmdr. Diane Boettcher
By Naval Surface Forces Public Affairs
Navy Network Enterprise
Additional staff and infrastructure put CNO task force ahead of schedule
By George D. Bieber
Maritime Technologies
Improving maritime technologies for better security and communications
By Trident Warrior/OLC2 Public Affairs

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