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CHIPS Articles: Message from the DON CIO, July-September 2005

Message from the DON CIO, July-September 2005
By Dave Wennergren - July-September 2005
As a firm believer in the power of effective knowledge management (KM), I have been thrilled to witness the KM successes of the Navy and the Marine Corps. In the early days of our implementation of KM, we focused a lot of energy on education and awareness and ways to encourage commands to embrace this important concept. Since then, KM has been woven into the fabric of the Department, with KM tenets incorporated into strategic documents, operations, education and acquisition — a powerful change from "understanding" to "doing."

Network-centric warfare is KM; FORCEnet, which makes network-centric warfare an operational reality, is KM; knowledge dominance and information superiority are KM. While support for KM is still a priority at the highest levels of the DON, KM is being recognized as everyone's business.

Knowledge officers are assigned to carrier strike group staffs. One such staff revolutionized staff planning meetings using a tool called Knowledge Web (K-Web) to store, update and display knowledge regarding situational awareness. Using K-Web, staff members can come up to speed before their planning meetings, allowing meeting discussions to focus on tactical and strategic considerations. The Commander, Naval Reserve Force has done an outstanding job of using KM tools and methods to restructure the headquarters management structure for the Naval Reserve Force. Through an initiative of the Marine Corps Center for Lessons Learned, Marines in Iraq, Afghanistan and Haiti collected, analyzed and distributed lessons learned in combat, and are sharing this knowledge with other services and joint forces. Rear Adm. Nancy Brown, as you'll read in this issue of CHIPS, established the Multi-National Force-Iraq (MNF-I) KM Division. MNF-I includes KM in every aspect of operations.

The Navy Personnel Development Center has set up 14 learning centers, each with a dedicated knowledge management director, to foster functional knowledge exchange, learning and the creation of knowledge-sharing communities of practice. Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) now has over 480,000 users, making education, training, collaboration and self-service transactions available via an enterprise portal. Additionally, KM courses are offered at various levels of the DON and the Department of Defense. The National Defense University and numerous other institutions teach KM courses; the Fleet Tactical Training Group, Pacific teaches an afloat KM course; the DON CIO facilitates a two-day organizational KM course; and the Naval Postgraduate School offers a two-course KM sequence via distance learning.

For Naval warfighters and those who support them, knowledge management is putting information, communities, processes and tools together to allow our people to do better work, make better decisions, and provide for the best trained, enlightened and most agile military force in the world.

Dave Wennergren
Dave Wennergren

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