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CHIPS Articles: PACFLT Uses Data Analysis to Improve Operational Readiness

PACFLT Uses Data Analysis to Improve Operational Readiness
By Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet Warfighting Assessment and Readiness - December 6, 2017
PEARL HARBOR, HI – Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet (CPF) Operations Research Cell conducted a review of more than 25 potential operational scenarios over the past 5 years in support of the Pacific Fleet Commander Adm. Scott Swift, in his theater joint force maritime component commander role in developing supporting plans to combatant commanders.

The analysis contributed to the development of CPFs simulation capability in electronic maneuver warfare, specifically counter intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and targeting (C-ISRT).

Through partnership with the Boeing Virtual Warfare Center, CPF, in concert with Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command, designed, developed and implemented a two-player simulation and wargame capability, which is now being used by deploying carrier strike groups, as directed by the Chief of Naval Operations.

Pacific Fleet’s warfighting assessment and readiness directorate reviewed all their studies identifying the common elements that contributed the most to success. From this analysis, two key enablers and five additional dependent factors emerged as key indicators to success and will remain key drivers against a peer adversary.

The Navy now has the means to develop integrated procedures at the strike force level and test, exercise and train non-kinetic capabilities while maintaining operational security. What was typically only able to be captured through analysis has now been transformed into a full simulation capability in which teams can exercise against each other without going to sea.

The journey from vision to execution took eight months, demonstrating the agile and rapid development of operational capabilities in an area devoid of such capability just two years ago.

Currently, Navy Carrier Strike Group Commanders and staffs are taking advantage of this as they prepare for deployment and face potential threats. This was a result of CPF leveraging data from modeling and simulation, exercises, wargames, and experiments to advance warfighting proficiency in a very tangible and realistic way.

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