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CHIPS Articles: Domestic Law Enforcement Awareness Program

Domestic Law Enforcement Awareness Program
NCIS — Prevent, stop, and solve crimes by sharing information
By DON Innovation - November 14, 2017
In cooperation with DoD, federal, state, and local law enforcement partners, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), Directorate of Intelligence and Information Sharing created, developed, and implemented the Domestic Law Enforcement Awareness Program (DLEAP) approximately 18 months ago. DLEAP utilizes highly customized commercial software to enable participating law enforcement agencies to execute searches, using pre-built analyst concepts, to quickly find responsive information regarding terrorism, criminal threats, insider threats, and suspicious activities.

DLEAP uses shareable law enforcement data, already existing in the Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) and the Department of Defense Law Enforcement Defense Data Exchange (D-DEx), which are both administered by NCIS. DLEAP addresses complex law enforcement data analysis and technical sharing challenges by rapidly sorting data, and by displaying only relevant, responsive incidents that threaten a specific entity. Although LinX and D-DEx information may already be shared under law enforcement exceptions, DLEAP eliminates millions of superfluous records, and maximizes personal privacy by quickly returning only relevant search results.

DLEAP achieves unity of effort across mission operations and improves the speed, adaptability, and execution of law enforcement and force protection decisions. In fact, DLEAP has already identified criminal trend information affecting proposed crime suppression operations, as well as insider threats and potential pre-planning of terrorist-related events that would not have been known, but for DLEAP capabilities. DLEAP will further improve the ability of law enforcement organizations to more capably anticipate events and resource needs, while providing initial situational awareness advantages to establish the conditions for success. In sum, DLEAP improves the quality and speed of decision making and situational awareness, while removing information sharing shortcomings.

The ultimate goals of DLEAP are to:
Prevent, stop, and solve crimes by sharing information; and
Rapidly determine all we need, and only what we need.

  • Text “NCIS” + tip info to CRIMES (274637)
  • “Tip Submit” Android and iPhone App (select NCIS as agency) 1.800.543.NAVY(6289)
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