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CHIPS Articles: Rear Adm. Nancy Norton launches “The Drumbeat”

Rear Adm. Nancy Norton launches “The Drumbeat”
By Rear Adm. Nancy A. Norton - October 3, 2017
Rear Adm. Nancy Norton, vice director of the Defense Information Systems Agency, joined DISA in August, and took an immediate interest in how the agency communicates with mission partners.

The admiral discussed the following information in the initial “Drumbeat” communication.

In order to ensure DISA is sharing information on a regular basis, I have established “The Drumbeat” as a mechanism to highlight what’s new and what’s on the horizon with our products, support, and services; address mutual concerns; and share success stories.

I encourage you to disseminate this information within your organization and provide your feedback to the Mission Partner Engagement Team.

This month, we are providing you with information on two enterprise services and training opportunities that we believe may be of interest to you.

milCloud 2.0 to reduce hosting costs by up to 70%

-- milCloud 2.0 is a commercial, on-premises cloud capability we expect to make available on the NIPRNet in January 2018. The SIPRNet offering is expected to be operational in late 2018. Initial deployment will include multi-site redundancy and true utility-based billing.

-- This capability will provide cloud-based computing and storage at a significant savings over existing cloud capabilities. Early projections show an estimated 70% reduction in costs for our DOD mission partners. milCloud 2.0 will be available for purchase through the Defense Working Capital Fund (DWCF).

-- For more information, please contact your Mission Partner Engagement representative.

DoD Mobility Program rates slashed for fiscal year 2018

-- Effective Oct. 1, DoD Mobility Unclassified Capability (DMUC) device rates for new and existing users will decrease from approximately $7.50 per device, per month to $4.30. This is a 43% decrease.

-- Rates for DoD Mobility Classified Capability (DMCC) devices will change from approximately $130 to $59 per device, per month. This is a 55% decrease.

-- These rates, along with rates for DISA’s other telecommunications service offerings, are published in the Defense Working Capital Fund Billing Prices for Fiscal Year 2018 – Telecommunications Services Rate Book . (A Common Access Card is required.)

5,000+ mobility devices using Purebred

-- Purebred is an optional, add-on solution that replaces the need for smart card readers to send digitally signed and encrypted email, decrypt email, and authenticate to DoD websites when using a DoD mobile device. Purebred supports iOS, Android, Universal Windows Platform devices, and Blackberry. As of mid-September, the DoD Public Key Infrastructure Purebred team had credentialed more than 5,000 mobile devices.

-- Future efforts are focused on revocation automation, user interface and experience enhancements, and high availability. DISA's assured identity effort is focused on continuous multifactor authentication and improved credential strength through device and key attestation.

-- DoD Mobility Unclassified Capability (DMUC), the DoD's enterprise mobility service, supports Purebred. Purebred agents support the enrollment, management, and sustainment process within their organizations. For more information, visit the DoD Mobility User Corner. (A Common Access Card is required.)

Training Opportunities

-- The three-day DISA Services Training Course provides an overview and working knowledge of DISA services, processes, security initiatives, requirements, and customer support options. There is no charge to participate in the course, which is open to military, civilian, and contract personnel supporting DOD services and agencies. Mission partners may attend any of the scheduled courses or request to host a class at a specific location. Detailed information and a course schedule is available on

-- Defense Collaboration Services (DCS) super-user training will be offered via DCS and throughout the coming months. A super user is a dedicated point of contact and subject matter expert for his or her local command. After completing this training, individuals will be equipped to perform integrated conferencing and audio configurations, support their local teams, resolve customer experience issues, and promote collaboration within their organization. I encourage you to nominate individuals (military, civilian, or contractor) to participate. Additional details and scheduled dates are listed on

Please let me know if the information shared through “The Drumbeat” has been value-added for you. You can let me know your thoughts and what else you’d like to hear more about by contacting DISA’s Mission Partner Engagement Team. I value your feedback and your partnerships as we work together to provide information superiority in defense of our nation!

Rear Adm. Nancy Norton pictured with “The Drumbeat” logo. DISA photo
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