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CHIPS Articles: DON CIO Releases Data and Analytics Optimization Strategy

DON CIO Releases Data and Analytics Optimization Strategy
By DON CIO News - July-September 2017
Publication of the Department of the Navy Strategy for Data and Analytics Optimization opened the department's discourse, discovery, learning, and transformation in the field of data and analytics. The strategy document describes what DON CIO will do in order to help the DON maintain its information edge by defining effective policies, generating innovative solutions with tangible values; and sharing lessons learned, best practices, data, and solutions. The success of those actions will rely heavily on community engagement, and DON CIO seeks broad support and participation.

One of the first actions the strategy calls for is establishment of the DON Data and Analytics Consortium (DAC). The "consortium" approach opens the effort to anyone in the department who wishes to join. The DAC will respond to data and decision demands, share best practices, and collaborate on related research. It will promote the governance, standards, training, and policies necessary to achieve data and analytics optimization.

DON organizations that are engaged in data and analytics in support of information requirements are especially encouraged to participate. For additional information on DAC events and activities, and to become a member, login to the (CAC-enabled) Consortium's portal page.

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