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CHIPS Articles: NAVSEA Awards Panama City Warfare Center Employees for Innovation and Collaboration

NAVSEA Awards Panama City Warfare Center Employees for Innovation and Collaboration
By Dan Broadstreet, NSWC PCD Public Affairs - August 8, 2017
PANAMA CITY, Florida – Two Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division engineering teams and one budget analyst earned Naval Sea Systems Command’s (NAVSEA) top innovation and collaboration awards for achievements in 2016.

The NAVSEA Warfare Center Innovation Award went to two NSWC PCD teams: MH-60S Helicopter unmanned Underwater Vehicle Deployment team and the Micro-Unmanned Undersea Vehicle team while Amanda Davis was recognized for collaboration.

NSWC PCD Technical Director Ed Stewart, a member of the Senior Executive Service, commended all awardees not only for significant achievements in research, development, test and evaluation, but also for networking effectively across the NAVSEA enterprise to ensure success in their collective tasks.

“NSWC PCD Commanding Officer Capt. Aaron Peters and I take great pleasure in congratulating NSWC PCD’s Warfare Center Award recipients,” said Stewart. “The following is a list of awardees that, by their collective efforts, have helped to expand the advantage in maintaining a technological edge over America’s adversaries.”

NSWC PCD’s MH-60S Helicopter Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) Deployment Team earned the Innovation Award for deploying and UUV from a Carriage, Stream and Recovery System aboard the helicopter.

“This expanded the roles and capabilities of the two existing fleet systems without significant investment while increasing the scope and capabilities of United States Navy Minehunting,” said Stewart.

The NAVSEA Innovation Award was presented to NSWC PCD’s Micro UUV team. According to Peters, this is another example of strengthening a competitive edge over adversaries.

“Innovation is a critical element to acquisition and our ability as a NAVSEA Warfare Center to get the right capabilities in the hands of our warfighters,” said Peters. “This team was successful in the creation of an operational prototype micro UUV that ultimately helps to reduce the United States’ exposure by increasing the reach of the fleet. This team delivered an operational prototype on a compressed and strict timeline. This is a game changer.”

According to Stewart, NSWC PCD Budget Analyst Amanda Davis was also recognized as a significant contributor for efforts involving high levels of collaboration between NAVSEA and all 10 Warfare Center Divisions.

“This particular collaboration led to the development and implementation of an automated tool to prepare, review and approve closing entries,” said Stewart. “This results in significant process improvements while ensuring the accuracy of Warfare Center’s trial balances.”

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