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CHIPS Articles: DON CIO Issues Memo on DON IT Capability Priorities

DON CIO Issues Memo on DON IT Capability Priorities
By DON CIO News - July-September 2017
To achieve a unified position and focus on IT priorities, the DON Chief Information Officer has established a process to develop specific DON IT Capability Priorities for each Program Objective Memorandum (POM) cycle. This process was codified in the June 9, 2017 DON CIO memorandum, "Department of the Navy Information Technology Capability Priorities." The objective is to influence the Services' internal IT Capability prioritization processes towards a common set of capabilities and capability development goals. Full implementation of this process, detailed in the DON IT Capability Priorities Flow-Chart (Figure 1), will be executed during the Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 POM cycle.

The sole focus area for the FY 2019 POM cycle, using existing budget review processes, is the Services' transition plan to the Risk Management Framework (RMF). The RMF will integrate critical security and risk management activities into the system development life cycle and will enable the DON to continually monitor and remediate cyber vulnerabilities.

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Figure 1
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