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CHIPS Articles: SCA 4.1 Required in Major U.S. Navy Acquisition

SCA 4.1 Required in Major U.S. Navy Acquisition
By Joint Tactical Networking Center Public Affairs - July-September 2017
SAN DIEGO – A $142 million-dollar recently awarded U.S. Navy acquisition, the Tactical Combat Training System Increment II (TCTS INC II), contractually requires implementation of the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) version 4.1. The TCTS INC II acquisition, managed by Naval Aviation Training Systems Program Office (PMA-205), will provide an advanced airborne, ground and ship-based secure radio frequency-based training capability for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.

“The Joint Tactical Networking Center (JTNC) attributes incorporation of the SCA 4.1 in the TCTS INC II contract to the successful collaboration between the JTNC and PMA-205 with the aim of effectively employing the open systems architecture tenets of Better Buying Power 3.0,” said JTNC’s Standards Director, Francis Van Syckle.

By requiring SCA 4.1, the U.S. Navy is able to leverage the Defense Department’s investment in existing SCA software while incorporating the technology advances enabled with the latest version of the specification. The specification defines a common way to launch, control and configure a waveform software application, allowing the waveform software to be reused across multiple platforms.

As part of the Department of Defense, and under executive management of the Army’s Program Executive Office, Command, Control, Communications-Tactical (PEO C3T), the JTNC ensures interoperable, secure and affordable waveform and wireless communications in support of service, multi-service and coalition forces. Headquartered in San Diego, California, the JTNC executes its mission by recommending standards, conducting compliance and certification analyses in accordance with DoD policies, and maintaining a DoD Waveform Information Repository (IR).

The DoD Waveform Information Repository:
•Provides a cyber-hardened, DoD-wide waveform library and controlled access for waveforms and associated network managers, operating environment software, models, architectural standards and Application Program Interfaces (APIs).
•Protects and distributes code and documentation based on legal agreements between government and software developers.
•Maintains government configuration control of assigned DoD Waveform IR products and data documents.

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The Naval Aviation Training Systems Program Office, PMA-205 manages the procurement, development and fielding of the U.S. Navy's Training Systems for aircraft operators and maintainers. For more information, visit:

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