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CHIPS Articles: 2nd NIST Big Data Public Working Group Workshop Webcast June 1 & 2

2nd NIST Big Data Public Working Group Workshop Webcast June 1 & 2
By NIST News - May 30, 2017
On June 1-2, 2017, NIST will host its 2nd NIST Big Data Public Working Group (NBD-PWG) Workshop for NIST Big Data and Interoperability Framework (NBDIF) with the theme of Towards a Standard Ecosystem for Big Data Applications and Analytics.

Workshop Objectives: The workshop program will focus on four major areas: (a) NBDIF Version 2 Overview – consensus approach to establish interoperable ecosystem for Big Data applications and analytics, (b) Big Data application challenges — how standard ecosystem may overcome Big Data applications development challenges from major government programs and initiatives, (c) Big Data analytics challenges — how standard ecosystem may provide reusable, deployable, and operational analytics tools from major government chief data scientists/officers, and (d) Explore Exascale Big Data Analytics and Systems.

The opening session will be webcast live from this page on June 1st (8:30am – 2:20pm EDT) and June 2nd (8:30am – 5:00pm EDT). Webcast registration is not required. However, if you would like to receive an email reminder on the morning of June 1st, please register for the webcast.

Webcast Only Registration - Click Here.

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