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CHIPS Articles: SECDEF calls for nominations across DoD for the 2017 Maintenance Innovation Challenge

SECDEF calls for nominations across DoD for the 2017 Maintenance Innovation Challenge
By DON Innovation - May 3, 2017
The Secretary of Defense is sponsoring the 2017 Maintenance Innovation Challenge (MIC) calling for nominations across the Department of Defense. The MIC is a hallmark event designed to elicit and share innovative maintenance capabilities beyond technology to include unique partnerships, resourcing strategies, business practices, or other transformative capabilities that will make maintenance more agile, effective, and affordable.

Individuals and organizations within the Navy maintenance community are invited to participate in this competition at the SECDEF level.

Abstracts for the 2017 Maintenance Innovation Challenge must be submitted to the Joint Technology Exchange Group (JTEG) for consideration no later than Sept. 15, 2017.

Abstracts must meet the following criteria for consideration:

  1. Must be an original contribution to the state-of-the-art.
  2. Must be technically accurate focused on current or potential maintenance operations or management, and strictly avoid commercialism.
  3. Must be feasible or practical.
  4. Must be submitted in Word format using the template provided (abstract 300-500 words only).
  5. Must include a PowerPoint Quad Chart (quad chart template and specific details will be posted in website provided below).
  6. Must be new entry. Entries from previous years will not be accepted.
  7. Must be cleared for public release.

All abstracts that meet the minimum criteria listed above will be published in the annual Maintenance Innovation Challenge Compendium which will be distributed to all symposium attendees. From eligible abstracts, the JTEG Evaluation Board will review submissions based upon maintenance centricity, originality of the idea, avoidance of commercialism, technical maturity, cross-service applicability, potential to benefit maintenance, feasibility, and practicality.

The Evaluation Board will select six finalists who will be given the opportunity to present their new technologies, processes, or business practices to an audience at the 2017 Department of Defense Maintenance Symposium in Salt Lake City, Utah, Dec. 4, 2017.

From the six finalists, senior DoD sustainment leaders from the Maintenance Executive Steering Committee will select a winner of the competition to be recognized during the Symposiums plenary session Dec. 5, 2017.

Additionally, the symposium audience will have the opportunity to select the 2017 MIC People’s Choice Award winner from the six finalists.

Specific format criteria for proposed abstract and PowerPoint Quad template may be found at . The Office of Assistant Secretary of Defense Maintenance, Policy, and Programs (OASD(MP&P)) is the responsible organization for this program. Additional questions related to nomination packages may be addressed to Mr. Greg Kilchenstein at OASD(MP&P), 703-614-0862, .

View the MIC naval message released by Vice Adm. W.K. Lescher (OPNAV N8):

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