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CHIPS Articles: Announcing New Red Hat BPA for the Department of the Navy

Announcing New Red Hat BPA for the Department of the Navy
By DoD ESI Navy Software Program Managers - January-March 2017
A Red Hat Enterprise Level Agreement was awarded Dec. 27, 2016 by the Department of the Navy, with an overall contract ceiling of $230 million over the five-year life of the contract (expiration Dec. 26, 2021) and enterprise discount rates based on product type.

The agreement consists of a Core Enterprise Agreement with consolidated ordering and funding, and a Catalog BPA, with decentralized ordering and funding. The Core EA is an enterprise-wide entitlement with an annual cap, and covers the following products: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Server x86 Variants; RHEL Client (Desktop and Workstation); RHEL Real Time; RHEL Add-Ons; RHEL Management and Provisioning Tools (Satellite).

The Catalog BPA offers improved savings to the enterprise and covers the following products: Remaining non-x86 RHEL Server Variants; Additional Support Level Upgrade to Premium; Middleware, Virtualization and Storage (non-RHEL); Cloud Products (non-RHEL); Professional Services; Training Certifications.

The Red Hat Enterprise Level Agreement provides the Department of the Navy with engineering consulting hours each year, full-time dedicated Red Hat technology experts, training subscriptions, 100 percent standard support (an increase of 40 percent from current levels), negotiated intellectual property terms and conditions, and protection for the life of the agreement from Red Hat's commercial price increase (due to product SKU restructuring).

In addition, the DON will leverage the reseller's custom-designed software management portal, which provides visibility into Enterprise Install Base numbers, as well as reliable asset inventory, in compliance with category management best practices. The Red Hat Agreement is open to all DON entities, including integrators and hardware manufacturers procuring on behalf of the DON.

For detailed ordering instructions and templates, refer to the Red Hat Ordering Guide available on the CAC-enabled Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS) website at

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