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CHIPS Articles: 'Recruit Reboot' War Game Includes Fleet Sailors in Recruit Training Process

'Recruit Reboot' War Game Includes Fleet Sailors in Recruit Training Process
By Naval Service Training Command Public Affairs - April 25, 2016
GREAT LAKES (NNS) — Gameplay begins today for the new interactive Recruit Reboot war game that evaluates the most effective training practices at Recruit Training Command, the Navy's only boot camp.

Recruit Reboot is an opportunity for Sailors in the fleet to impact how their future shipmates are trained.

Registration will remain open at until May 13.

"We are listening," said Rear Adm. Stephen C. Evans, commander, Naval Service Training Command. "And good ideas go a long way to help us train better."

Recruit Reboot is a completely anonymous game on the Massive Multiplayer Online War Game Leveraging the Internet platform, generated by the Navy Post-Graduate School and NSTC to use feedback commentary to help solve challenges.

"Receiving the best training, from the moment you begin your Navy career, guarantees the fleet will be armed with the most professional and technical Sailors possible," said Master Petty Officer of the Navy Mike D. Stevens in a recent video public service announcement aired on American Forces Network. "I truly believe our Navy's greatest weapon system is our people, so we must ensure they are exceptionally well trained."

Players provide feedback by playing "idea cards" on six areas of training including Militarization, Damage Control, Seamanship, Personal Financial Development, Policy, and Watch Standing. Players earn points with each card they play as well as by commenting on other players' cards.

"The more cards you play, the more points you earn," said Evans. "The more points you earn, the more you help us provide the most effective training for our future shipmates."

The player with the most points will be commended for their positive contribution to naval accessions training. Although player points are displayed, their feedback will remain anonymous.

At RTC, Command Master Chief Shawn Isbell said in his own PSA that "we are constantly looking for ways to better our training so we can send you the best possible new Sailors. We are asking for your help — we want to hear from you about what training has worked well and what training could use a 'Reboot.'"

NSTC first used the MMOWGLI platform to initiate fleet feedback for a Human Performance Requirements Review in April, 2015 to analyze and validate the Professional Core Competency Manual, standardized criteria all officer accession programs use to accomplish training.

Sign up on the website to play or ask your chief petty officer for the Recruit Reboot flyer for more information.

For more information about NSTC, visit or visit the NSTC Facebook pages at

GREAT LAKES, Ill. (April 11, 2016) A U.S. Navy graphic produced by Naval Service Training Command (NSTC) announcing a new interactive game to evaluate the most effective training practices at Recruit Training Command (RTC), the Navy's only boot camp. Graphic courtesy of U.S. Navy.
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