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CHIPS Articles: USN-USMC Electromagnetic Spectrum Summit

USN-USMC Electromagnetic Spectrum Summit
April 20-22, 2016 Washington Convention Center
By DON CIO - January-March 2016
Held during the DON IT Conference, the 3-day Electromagnetic Spectrum Summit will provide an opportunity to bring together leaders with top policy and technology experts to discuss evolving spectrum policy activities and requirements. It will include policy discussions, doctrine, automated tools, as well as DoD, Federal, and industry outreach efforts which are necessary in preparation for future spectrum challenges.

The purpose of the DON Electromagnetic Spectrum Summit is to:

-- Share information about new and emerging spectrum national polices, including those that support statutory requirements, Presidential Spectrum Initiatives, and rapidly evolving national and international spectrum regulation.

-- Provide outreach to align manpower, personnel training, and educational resources to the mission and systems. Prepare the DON to adapt to the emerging electromagnetic requirements.

-- Provide the opportunity for discussions between DON Spectrum leaders and the DON spectrum community responsible for implementing policies and processes at the working level.

Senior speakers primarily from the DON CIO, Navy, and Marine Corps will share information on future spectrum challenges and emerging policies, and speakers from the Navy Marine Corps Spectrum Center will provide training on national spectrum procedures and automation.

The first day, and first half of the second day of the Summit are open to CAC-card holders only. The second half of the second day is open to the general public as well. Registration is required.

Approval for the Summit, as well as the DON IT Conference, by DON AA was predicated on the following: rental cars are not authorized for those traveling by air and attendees must use the lowest cost travel options in booking their flights and accommodations. Attendees must remember to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars when attending this event, and request approval for travel and attendance from their individual commands.

Register here.

East Coast DON IT Conference Scheduled for Washington, DC April 20-21: information

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