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CHIPS Articles: The Five-Step Process for OPSEC (video)

The Five-Step Process for OPSEC (video)
By U.S. Navy - December 18, 2015
We've all heard the phrase "Loose lips sink ships". To keep that from happening, follow the operation security five-step process.

"So the five steps are identifying critical information one of the first things anyone should know is what information is important to them.

The second step is identifying who the threat is or what the threat is, it could be a particular adversary or a thief in your neighborhood.

The third step is taking a look at that critical information and who that threat is and understanding where you are vulnerable to that.

The fourth step is identifying what type of risk you have associated with those particular things like your critical information.

And the fifth step is applying measures or counter measures to mitigate those particular risks.

For more information about operation security visit the operation security Facebook page.

Download video with Jim Magdalenski, Director, Naval OPSEC Team.

Download video with Jim Magdalenski, Director, Naval OPSEC Team.
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