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CHIPS Articles: Future Business Leaders Learn there is ‘Gold in Old’

Future Business Leaders Learn there is ‘Gold in Old’
By Christina Wright - November 25, 2015
SAN DIEGO — When the best and brightest want to learn about Navy logistics, they visit SSC Pacific.

Twenty-five business students from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania visited the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific’s Reverse Engineering: Science and Technology for Obsolescence, Repair and Evaluation Lab (RESTORE) at the Old Town Complex, Nov. 9. They had the opportunity to learn how 3D modeling is innovating direct logistical support to the fleet.

The RESTORE Lab uses a process that identifies target obsolescence in a legacy system, and creates a modern replacement to support life-cycle-extension programs for those systems. Stephen Cox, lead engineer RESTORE lab, demonstrated how 3D modeling is an economical and logistical win for the Navy.

“We fix old stuff. Some people may think that is not as exciting as the new stuff but we tell them there is ‘Gold in Old.’ The more miles you can get out of the old car the better off you are economically,” said Cox.

He used an existing precision approach radar platform as an example. The platform is used by the Navy all over the world and is becoming increasing obsolete with every year.

“We have to work with what we have. The support we provide comes down to logistics. 3D engineering is a way to keep everything up and in the fight,” said Cox.

Brandon Muirhead, a second year Wharton student, took advantage of the opportunity to test drive the technology by using a laser to scan a piece of equipment for the precision approach radar platform into the computer.

“I had no idea that the Navy had this capability and is using this technology today,” said Muirhead. “It’s fascinating to think of what can be accomplished in the future.”

Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific provides the U.S. Navy and military with essential capabilities in the areas of command and control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR). SSC Pacific provides the full spectrum of C4ISR capabilities from basic research and prototype development, to extensive test and evaluation services, through systems engineering and integration, to installation and life-cycle support of fielded systems. SSC Pacific is a recognized leader in the cyber domain and for autonomous unmanned systems, and is providing the technological and engineering support critical to ensuring the Navy’s information dominance.

Photo courtesy of SSC Pacific.
Photo courtesy of SSC Pacific.
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