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CHIPS Articles: NAVSEA Hosts First Cybersecurity Industry Day

NAVSEA Hosts First Cybersecurity Industry Day
By Naval Sea Systems Command Office of Corporate Communication - November 6, 2015
WASHINGTON - The Naval Sea System Command held its first cybersecurity industry day, Oct. 30, seeking to leverage industry's talent and innovation to keep Navy ships and systems cyber-secure.

The forum gave 118 companies, including 20 small businesses, the opportunity to learn and exchange information about the distinctive opportunities to support the command in protecting its Navy data.

"There are a lot of good commercial tools out there that will help us, but there is not a single commercial product out there that does what we need to do across the board," said NAVSEA Chief Engineer Rear Adm. Bryant Fuller, NAVSEA Ship Design, Integration and Naval Engineering. "We're focused on tools that are good, increase our capability and are scalable and upgradable."

During the morning session, Hilarides and other senior leaders from the command and affiliated Program Executive Offices provided industry with insight into the unique cybersecurity requirements and challenges faced by the NAVSEA Enterprise.

In the afternoon, attendees met with NAVSEA cybersecurity experts in focused sessions to discuss specific functional areas of collaboration.

According to Cindy Shaver, NAVSEA Director of Contracts the information provided represents a sample of the Navy's challenges and developing requirements. Presentations from cybersecurity industry day, along with points of contact for NAVSEA and individual program managers and other helpful information can be found in the Business Partnerships section of the NAVSEA website.

NAVSEA designs, builds, delivers and maintains ships and systems on time and on cost for the U.S. Navy. NAVSEA is the largest of the Navy's five system commands. With a fiscal year budget of nearly $30 billion, NAVSEA accounts for one quarter of the Navy's entire budget.

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