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CHIPS Articles: Sailors Actively Pursuing Off-Duty Education

Sailors Actively Pursuing Off-Duty Education
Far East Sailors Seek Higher Education; Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Information Technology
By CWO2 Scott K. Bryson, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station Far East Detachment Chinhae - October-December 2015
(Chinhae, South Korea) -- Sailors at NAVCOMTELSTA FAR EAST CHINHAE are staying busy with college courses. After the latest joint exercise with the U.S Forces Korea and U.S Naval Forces Korea, off-duty education has taken the detachment by storm.

Currently, 65 percent of active-duty Sailors at NCTS FE DET Chinhae are working toward an undergraduate degree in Information Technology, thus helping to enrich the 21st century's Information Warfighter.

Taking education a step further at NCTS FE DET Chinhae, ITC (IDW/SW/AW/SS) Brandon Collins (LCPO) and IT1 (IDW/SW/AW) Jason Piao (LPO) are completing classes for their Master's Degree in Information Systems.

As a triad, CWO2 Scott Bryson, ITC Collins, and IT1 Piao encourage younger Sailors to advance their education by setting the example with their own lives. Each is endowed with the experience and knowledge to direct Sailors in the right direction to accomplish their goals.

The triad leaders make it their concern to get Sailors the assistance they need from enrollment processes, financial aid assistance — right down to the basic fundamentals and study tips.

Leadership at the command is certainly doing their part in representing the 5th Operational Domain, Navy Cyber.

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