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CHIPS Articles: NCIS Cyber Mission

NCIS Cyber Mission
By CHIPS Magazine - October 26, 2015
The Naval Criminal Investigative Service Cyber Department utilizes advanced cyber technologies and methodologies to identify and process electronic data of intelligence or evidentiary value.

Agents and analysts integrate law enforcement and counterintelligence network information to protect people, technology and facilities by:
• Identifying trends
• Pursuing criminal action against perpetrators
• Supporting counterintelligence operations
• Coordinating with law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the U.S. and abroad
• Conducting electronic media forensics in support of NCIS investigations and operations
• Tracking developments and trends in malware, phishing, and other computer intrusions

NCIS has computer investigations and operations agents assigned throughout the world focusing on hackers, criminal groups, foreign intelligence services, terrorists, and insiders.

Computers have become integral pieces of evidence in crime scenes. Every NCIS Special Agent needs to know how to seize, protect, and transport a computer and related devices so that the evidentiary value isn't compromised. To support that goal, NCIS teamed up with its DoD investigative counterparts to create a computer investigative training program.

Through productive relationships with the Department of the Navy (DON) Chief Information Officer, U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/10th Fleet, Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command, the Marine Corps Network Operations Center, and others, the NCIS Cyber Department responds to and investigates violations of federal laws that occur on DON network information systems and impact the operational readiness of the Navy and Marine Corps.

Report suspicious behavior and criminal activity to the NCIS:, text “NCIS” + tip info to CRIMES (274637) or phone 1.800.543.NAVY(6289).

Naval Criminal Investigative Service image
Naval Criminal Investigative Service image
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