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Department of the Navy Naval Innovation Network
The Hatch has advanced with new features and increased mobility!
By DON Innovation - July 7, 2015
Transparency — You've asked, and we've answered. The Hatch welcomes stages, where you can track the status of ideas as they progress toward implementation. The more the crowd engages with others on the Hatch, the better chance ideas have of advancing.

Communities and Disciplines — On the homepage of the Hatch, you can now click on #HATCHTAGS associated with specific Warfighting Communities and Disciplines, which will take you directly to ideas that interest you.

Mobile Application — If you haven't tried it out, you should! The Hatch has a mobile application that allows you to vote and comment on any ideas in the Hatch. Search for "IdeaScale" in your iOS or Android app store! Don't wait; join the conversation now!

Submit your own ideas through crowdsourcing. Go straight to the ideas that interest you using #HATCHTAGS!

How to get involved? Go to the Hatch website: and:

--Participate in the open forum
-- Champion an idea
-- Host a challenge
-- Build a community
-- Quickly analyze ideas for cost of implementation, risks, barriers, method of implementation, etc.
-- Develop a proposal that outlines impact across the organization and defines success
-- De-centralized decision-making based on the complexity of the idea and impact across the DON
-- Designate final disposition based on “Decide” stage (Implementation, demonstrations, pilots, incubation)

Submit your ideas on the Hatch:

DON/SECNAV Innovation website:

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