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CHIPS Articles: Intelligence Transparency

Intelligence Transparency
By Office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance (OPNAV N2/N6) - April-June 2015
Navy Intelligence will engage in an Intelligence Community (IC) initiative to make information available that enhances public understanding of intelligence activities and the laws governing those activities.


The Director of National Intelligence has approved Principles of Intelligence Transparency for the Intelligence Community to guide the effort to make information publicly available that enhances public understanding of intelligence activities while continuing to protect information when disclosure would harm national security.

These principles, along with the IC’s Principles of Professional Ethics for the Intelligence Community, reflect the core American values that guide the IC’s conduct and serve to further inspire public trust.

As one of the 17 members of the IC, the U.S. Navy fully supports the Director’s transparency principles and goals.

Principles of Intelligence Transparency

  • Provide appropriate transparency to enhance public understanding about the IC’s mission; what the IC does to accomplish it; and about the laws, directives, authorities and policies that govern IC activities.
  • Be proactive and clear in making information publically available through authorized channels, including taking affirmative steps to provide timely transparency on matters of public interest.
  • Prepare information so that it is readily understandable and make it available through a range of communications channels.
  • As necessary, describe why some information cannot be made public.
  • In protecting information about intelligence sources, methods, and activities from unauthorized disclosure, ensure that IC professionals consistently and diligently execute their responsibilities.
  • Align IC roles, resources, processes and policies to support robust implementation of these principles, consistent with applicable laws, executive orders, and directives.

The Navy’s Intelligence Transparency initiative will make available information that enhances public understanding of the Navy’s intelligence mission and activities. Compliance/oversight mechanisms are in place to ensure these activities are lawful, and intelligence sources and methods will continue to be protected.

Fast Facts and Figures

  • In addition to these principles, the Navy complies with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and responded to 8,765 FOIA requests in 2014.
  • The Office of Naval Intelligence responded to 67 FOIA requests in 2014; of these, only four were denied to protect intelligence sources and methods.
  • Navy Intelligence FOIA releases are posted on the Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer website:
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