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CHIPS Articles: Department of the Navy Launches the "Hatch"

Department of the Navy Launches the "Hatch"
"Challenge the Force... Change the Game"
By DON Innovation - April-June 2015
WASHINGTON (NNS) -- The Department of the Navy (DON) launched its crowdsourced ideation platform, the "Hatch," May 20.

The launch of the Hatch is part of the initiative to build a DON Naval Innovation Network (NIN).

The Hatch is an accessible, virtual collaboration forum where innovators can submit their creative ideas for improving the DON. In the Hatch, ideas can be refined through crowdsourcing and further developed by local innovators and subject matter experts.

"The Hatch enables us to connect innovators locally," said Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus. "We have the opportunity to receive and share innovative ideas at the right level to get solutions to problems people encounter every day. I look forward to seeing how the Hatch will allow us to share these solutions across our workforce."

The Hatch is a continuation of the CNO's highly successful initiative to reduce administrative distractions (RAD). The RAD ideas and user profiles are fully integrated into the Hatch.

The DON workforce can establish an account using their .mil, .gov, and military .edu email addresses. Once an account is created, the innovator will be able to submit and monitor ideas through their work or personal desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

The NIN working group is currently developing an efficient, yet collaborative and transparent, process to ensure all ideas are evaluated fairly.

An incentive/rewards structure will be developed to recognize those who submit ideas, actively collaborate and advance ideas through development and implementation. One of the first "challenges" within the Hatch will be focused on the incentive/rewards program, and we need your input to ensure success.

Whether you have an innovative idea, a solution to reducing administrative distractions, or a creative proposal for how we can recognize top contributors, enter the Hatch and start participating.

Additional information about DON Innovation and accessing the Hatch may be found by visiting:

United States of America Department of the Navy Seal
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