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CHIPS Articles: Naval History and Heritage Command Launches New Website

Naval History and Heritage Command Launches New Website
By Naval History and Heritage Command - January 15, 2015
The Naval History and Heritage Command announced the evolution of its webpage in nearly 20 years, from the earliest days as the Naval Historical Center, several logo changes, to now with more than 24,000-plus pages on its site. It is the result of a visioning, development, migration, validation, and system authorization process that formally began in July 2013 and was designed from the perspective of a typical user, taking into account best practices employed by leading sites as well as analytics and survey results.

The public now has access to a growing collection of ship histories, photos, personal papers, works of combat art, and digitized books, as well as unique content. NHHC will continue developing the website, e-publications, and digital outreach, so that it continues to be recognized as the authority on all matters of naval history and heritage.

NHHC continues to work on the museums' pages, building new features, and digitizing more content. Technical questions about the site should be addressed to the website technical team at

Experience naval history at the Naval History and Heritage Command website:

To the Attack! Glinting flash of the checkered flag, in the hand of the Flight Deck Officer...the thundering roar of smoothly harnessed horsepower...and a Grumman fighter races down the aircraft carrier's flight deck to take off into the wind. Even as it rolls forward, plane directors wave another into the take-off spot to follow in a matter of seconds. The torpedo and dive bombers will swing away in turn as the fighters rendezvous aloft to form a protective air umbrella. Description: Lawrence Beall-Smith #4 Oil on Board, 1943 Gift of Abbott Laboratories 88-159-JR
Scuttlebutt Session - With an eye aloft for approaching customers, aircraft carrier armorers ready their plump and lethal groceries for delivery. These aerial bombs will be trundled down the flight deck and fitted to the bomb racks of planes when they return to "bomb up" for new missions and targets. Description: Lawrence Beall-Smith #9 Charcoal, 1943 Gift of Abbott Laboratories 88-159-JW
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