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CHIPS Articles: First Change of Command Scheduled for Navy's Information Dominance Corps Reserve Command

First Change of Command Scheduled for Navy's Information Dominance Corps Reserve Command
By Cdr. Curtis Jenkins, Information Dominance Corps Reserve Command Public Affairs Office - October 27, 2014
The Information Dominance Corps (IDC), the Navy’s newest warfighting pillar, will see its first change of command ceremony occur on its Reserve side when retiring Commander Rear Adm. David (“Gordon”) Russell is relieved by Rear Adm. Daniel J. MacDonnell at a ceremony scheduled for Nov. 15, 2014 on Naval Air Station Fort Worth, Texas. Chief of Navy Reserve and Commander, Navy Reserve Force, Vice Adm. Robin Braun, will officiate.

The Information Dominance Corps concept developed through the recognition that enhanced combat power could be gained by fusing the Navy's disparate information capabilities — Intelligence, Meteorology/Oceanography, Information Warfare, Information Professional, and Space — to optimize decision making and maximize warfighting effects.

MacDonnell, a Boston native, is presently serving as the Reserve deputy commander of the Navy’s 10th Fleet. He is an aviator and information warfare officer (formerly known as cryptology) and has known and worked with Russell for many years.

Russell, who hails from Colorado, is an aviator and intelligence officer, and was the first commander of the IDC Reserve Command.

Though the active and Reserve sides of IDC are well-connected, the mission of the Reserve command is focused on manning, training and equipping the total IDC force.

“We provide qualified information dominance professionals who are ready to be employed across the operational continuum to support and augment the fleet,” said Russell, who is retiring from the Navy after more than 30 years of service.

Numerous government officials, senior military officers and community leaders are expected to attend the ceremony.

The Information Dominance Corps Reserve Command Public Affairs Officer, Cdr. Curtis Jenkins, can be reached at or 719-554-4905.

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