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CHIPS Articles: TFCA on milSuite

TFCA on milSuite
A new site dedicated to collaboration on Navy cybersecurity topics, issues and programs
By Office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance (OPNAV N2/N6) - October-December 2014
As directed by the Chief of Naval Operations, the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance (OPNAV N2/N6) Vice Adm. Ted Branch was tasked to deliver fundamental change to the Navy’s organization, resourcing, acquisition and readiness by extending cybersecurity beyond traditional information technology (IT) to combat systems, combat support and other information systems while aligning and strengthening authority and accountability. Task Force Cyber Awakening (TFCA) was established to execute the CNO’s directive.

Cybersecurity needs to be the business of every Commanding Officer and an “All Hands on Deck” effort. Cybersecurity must be a resourcing and organizing principle because the increasing cyber threat demands both cultural and organizational change. TFCA will leverage expertise from across the Navy for a total force solution.

Because the effort includes wide representation from across the Navy and Marine Corps, a centralized discussion site was established on milSuite to facilitate communication, interaction and collaboration on TFCA topics and issues. This milSuite project site is part of the larger Navy Information Dominance Outreach site, designed to provide one single location that provides key Information Dominance-related documents, briefs and related content. This outreach site is also designed to foster communication, interaction and collaboration.

milSuite is a CAC-enabled collection of online tools and applications created by the Defense Department to connect people and share knowledge. It provides a means to increase awareness of military efforts, programs, products, teams, policies, procedures, capabilities, etc., and consists of four basic tools:

  • milBook - A central hub for networking professionals, similar to Facebook and LinkedIn. milBook enables collaboration on products, constituent polling, and information sharing between project partners.
  • milWiki - A knowledge management tool.
  • milTube - A platform for capturing videos created internal to DoD.
  • milWire - A means to share and comment on existing content through short microblog-style submissions.

To access the TFCA milSuite portal, please go to:

Screenshot of the TFCA milSuite portal.
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