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CHIPS Articles: Membership to APQC Now Open for DON Personnel

Membership to APQC Now Open for DON Personnel
APQC is the world’s largest online source of business benchmarks, metrics, and best practices
By Darlene T. Shaw, SPAWAR Chief Knowledge Officer - October-December 2014
Thanks to NAVSEA at Port Hueneme, all Department of Navy (DON) employees with a or email address can now access American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) resources via the DON membership. The functional areas covered are:
  • Financial Management.
  • Human Capital Management.
  • Knowledge Management.
  • Supply Chain Management.

This non-profit organization is globally recognized for subject matter expertise in knowledge management, process improvement, benchmarking and business process management. Established in 1977, APQC is the world’s largest online source of business benchmarks, metrics, and best practices based on validated data and primary research. It also is the originator of the Baldridge Award.

APQC Membership provides many benefits for Navy employees, who can now use the APQC Knowledge Base to help make innovative and well-informed business decisions using APQC benchmarks, best practices, case studies, white papers, tools, and templates.

Employees can learn how leading organizations have moved from mediocre to high performing, and can collaborate with more than 550 organizations from 45 industries worldwide.

DON employees can leverage the APQC Network to learn from a community of peers with shared functional roles and common challenges. Find fellow members in your industry, functional area, and geographic region, or search for people in a particular organization through the APQC online directory of more than 60,000 active member contacts. Send them a blinded email, connect, and learn.

Employees can receive one-on-one guidance from the Navy’s dedicated relationship manager, who keeps us informed about new benchmarking studies and upcoming events. The Navy’s relationship manager can also connect you directly to other APQC members and solutions.

Continually build skills and knowledge with APQC member-only events, training sessions, and free Webinars featuring subject matter experts and successful practitioners speaking about industry trends, new improvement approaches, and the latest findings from APQC best practice research.

Leverage APQC Benchmarking tools to help diagnose problems of any size — and understand the next steps to solve them. Receive targeted benchmarks instantly or perform deep-dive analyses of multiple processes and activities. The APQC Benchmarking Portal gives you access to the best benchmarking tools available:

  • Benchmarks on Demand gives you data and benchmarks instantly from APQC’s Open Standards Benchmarking database. Choose the metrics you want, and receive them in seconds.
  • Rapid Performance Assessments use basic data that you provide to identify process performance gaps and quickly pinpoint areas for improvement.
  • Open Standards Benchmarking assessments provide a detailed gap analysis of major areas of your business. This service targets more processes than the Rapid Performance Assessments and digs even deeper with extensive comparisons to relevant peer groups.

Complete the APQC Knowledge Management Capability Assessment Tool (KM CAT) to find out if your organization is effectively leveraging its largest asset: knowledge. APQC knowledge management expertise and extensive KM resources can help you reap more benefits from the knowledge your organization already possesses.

Receive member discounts on Advisory Services with APQC subject matter experts providing personalized support with proven frameworks, tools, and methodologies.

Receive discounts on Custom Benchmarking, customized reporting and comparisons based on your information needs and your information presentation requirements. If standard benchmarking options don’t work for you, APQC will create the perfect package for you.

Start using APQC Member resources in your organization today by registering at this link: Be sure to use your Navy email address to be associated with your Navy membership.

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