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CHIPS Articles: Navy Region EURAFSWA Announces 2014 Energy Biggest Loser Winner

Navy Region EURAFSWA Announces 2014 Energy Biggest Loser Winner
By Lt. j.g. Alexander Perrien, Navy Region Europe Africa Southwest Asia Public Affairs - August 8, 2014
NAPLES, Italy (NNS) — Navy Region Europe Africa Southwest Asia (EURAFSWA) announces Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain was as the winner of the 2014 Energy Biggest Loser Competition Aug. 6.

The competition compared the amount of energy used by each installation in July 2013 to the amount of Energy used in July of 2014. The total usage was collected weekly and then compiled at the end of the month. The winning installation was chosen based on the greatest percent reduction in electrical consumption from the previous year.

Commander Navy Region Europe Southwest Asia, Rear Adm. John Scorby, made the official announcement giving congratulations to NSA Bahrain and all other participating installations.

"I am very proud of my region team for putting together and participating in this competition," said Scorby. "Although our efforts did manage to save over $200,000, I am most excited about the lasting effects of the education and awareness campaigns and their impact on energy use around the region."

Naval Facilities Command (NAVFAC) launched the energy use awareness campaign to coincide with the competition. The campaign focused on ways to reduce energy use, the benefits of energy waste reduction and tips for efficient living.

Tips for the campaign included full clothing-dryer loads to maximize efficiency, turning off lights in unoccupied rooms and unplugging electronics and extension cords when not in use.

NSA Bahrain's Commanding Officer, Capt. David J. Meron, accepted the $50,000 award on his installation's behalf.

"Conservation matters all the time," said Meron. "I think people here have really changed old habits and will continue to practice many of the better ones they picked up during the challenge."

The award will be spent on improvements around the installation.

"We plan to improve bicycle and solar golf cart parking near the Freedom Souq," said Meron. "We also want to make needed improvements to the NEX walkway to prevent flooding during the upcoming rainy season."

The Energy Biggest Loser competition was inspired by the Navy's ongoing energy conservation initiative started in 2009 by Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) Ray Mabus. The program, known as the Great Green Fleet, aims to reduce the Department of the Navy's consumption of energy, decrease its reliance on foreign sources of oil, and significantly increase its use of alternative energy. Energy bills are the single largest cost for Navy installations, reflecting about 28 percent of Navy's shore budget. Reducing energy costs will help us reach the SECNAV's energy goals.

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