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CHIPS Articles: Workplace and Gender Relations Survey For Navy Service Members

Workplace and Gender Relations Survey For Navy Service Members
Check your inbox and respond
By Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs - August 6, 2014
WASHINGTON (NNS) -- A Workplace and Gender Relations Survey (WGRS) will begin hitting the email inboxes of active duty and reserve Sailors Aug. 7.

The Department of Defense-hosted survey is designed to help better understand dynamics in the military workplace to include the work environment, cultural and personal interactions.

It will also gather information on Sailors' sexual assault-related experiences, to include sexual assault response systems.

Data gathered will be categorized by gender, service and other subgroups, while remaining a confidential survey for those who participate.

Twenty-five percent of males in the Navy and 100 percent of females will be contacted via email. Sailors who receive the survey are highly encouraged to participate. The survey results are critical to inform future Navy policies, programs, training and resources. This will lead to a workplace environment that is more professional and effective for all.

Sailors can complete the survey on government computers during working hours or off-duty on their smart phones or home computers.

The survey will be available until mid-September.

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