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CHIPS Articles: Naval Enterprise Networks PMW 205 Wins at the FY 2013 Acquisition Excellence Awards Ceremony

Naval Enterprise Networks PMW 205 Wins at the FY 2013 Acquisition Excellence Awards Ceremony
By Naval Enterprise Networks (PMW 205) Public Affairs - July-September 2014
WASHINGTON – On June 6th, the Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems, Naval Enterprise Networks (PMW 205), along with other members of the Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) contract source selection team was honored as the Competition Excellence Acquisition Team of the Year at the 2013 Department of the Navy Acquisition Excellence Awards.

This award recognizes acquisition teams whose outstanding achievements bring increased competition in contracting, by achieving cost savings and providing a better product or service, and having a positive impact on the DON mission. The PMW 205 team manages the world’s largest intranet, the Navy Marine Corps Intranet, serving 800,000 users in 2,500 locations with 300,000 seats and more than 33 million weekly email messages. Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development & Acquisition (ASN RDA) Sean Stackley congratulated the team for "successfully recompeting the contractor-owned and operated system,” when others said it could not be done.

The NGEN Source Selection Evaluation Board (SSEB) developed, documented, and refined evaluation procedures and formalized a multi-step evaluation process. This enabled the 42-person team to effectively evaluate responses to the 1,100-page NGEN Request for Proposals, one of the most complex IT services procurement RPFs ever written.

“They have set the bar on how to handle complex tasks deemed impossible by most,” said Stackley.

The team examined over 14,000 pages of information while sequestered over an 11-month period. The result of their work led to savings for the Department of Defense totaling more than $1 billion over the five-year NGEN contract. SSEB members worked extensively to ensure success; some members supported the effort on temporary duty for more than 200 days. As a result, the NGEN SSEB awarded a contract with a potential contract value of $3.5 billion over five years.

“NGEN advances the competitive environment by ensuring [the] government’s understanding of not just the network, but also the underlying services, technologies and processes,” said Capt. Michael Abreu, program manager for NEN PMW 205. “The NGEN acquisition approach is evolutionary and better positions the DON to recompete portions of NGEN as needed,” Abreu said.

The Competition Excellence Acquisition Team award is one of three Navy Acquisition Excellence Awards that recognizes the winning team with a $10,000 cash prize.

About the NMCI
The NMCI provides secure, seamless, and global end-to-end connectivity to DON personnel at more than 2,500 sites in the continental United States, Hawaii and Japan. It is a comprehensive information and communications network that replaced existing shore-based networks with one secure intranet, delivering access, interoperability and security through voice, video and data services to Navy and Marine Corps personnel.

From left to right: Jim Smerchansky, Deputy Commander, Systems Engineering, Interoperability, Architectures & Technology, Marine Corps Systems Command; Sharon Woods, Assistant Counsel; Scott Garner, Counsel; The Honorable Sean Stackley, ASN RDA; Andrew Tash, chief engineer; Capt. Mike Abreu, NEN PWM 205 program manager; Jim Bates, deputy transition; The Honorable Frank Kendall, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics; Jeff Lee, Marine Corps Network and Infrastructure Services program manager; Kim Reavis, NMCI procuring contracting officer (PCO); Capt. John Windom, NGEN PCO.
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