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CHIPS Articles: SECNAV Issues DON FY14-17 Transformation Plan Emphasizing Business Transformation and Institutional Reform

SECNAV Issues DON FY14-17 Transformation Plan Emphasizing Business Transformation and Institutional Reform
By Sharon Anderson - July-September 2014
Recently, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus released the FY14-16 DON Transformation Plan , a comprehensive set of guidelines that will ensure that Department of the Navy resources are responsibly and judiciously allocated to the ultimate benefit of the warfighter and mission accomplishment.

Mr. Mabus states that today’s Navy and Marine Corps operate in challenging and complex times. As the nation transitions from a decade of fighting two wars, the DON is faced with the competing realities of shrinking defense budgets and rising maritime security challenges. Throughout its history, the Navy and Marine Corps team has been called on to act in both war and in peace, and today will play an ever larger and a more vital role on the world stage. The DON must maintain its ability to be present, not just at the right time, but all the time. Presence is what the Navy and the Marine Corps is all about and the way it maintains its presence is to protect its top four priorities: people, platforms, power and partnerships.

The current fiscal environment demands all DON leaders critically examine every aspect of the business enterprise to improve effectiveness and to drive down the cost of business operations. This is an all hands effort; every precious tax dollar spent unwisely takes money away from the operational capabilities and readiness of the DON's global force. There are many efforts underway within the Department of Defense that require the DON’s attention, however it is important that the department remains focused on its primary responsibility of managing and continually improving the DON.

To this end, the FY14-16 DON Transformation Plan sets forth the transformation priorities for the department and establishes a clear path forward for both business transformation and institutional reform. While bold action is necessary, the DON will use data to manage risk and make prudent choices that align department resources to the nation’s strategic interests.

The Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of the Navy (DUSN) for Management is the department’s focal point for monitoring and assessing the execution of the DTP and it will make revisions as directed by the DON Chief Management Officer, when required.

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Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus
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