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CHIPS Articles: DIA unveils Open Innovation Gateway

DIA unveils Open Innovation Gateway
By DIA Public Affairs - July 2, 2014
DIA unveiled its new Open Innovation Gateway platform at the second annual DIA Innovation Symposium June 24-25. Dan Doney, chief innovation officer, unveiled the presentation of Gateway, which will become operational later this year.

The new Gateway platform is an Internet-accessible environment designed to streamline technology discovery, evaluation and transition, making integration and collaboration between DIA and private businesses simple and seamless. DIA worked closely with the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence’s Intelligence Systems Support Office to develop the system.

The goals for the new Gateway platform include closing the “capability gap” (reducing or eliminating transition re-engineering), reaching non-traditional providers, as well as evolving tradecraft through mission user-technologist interaction. Mission users and innovators will be able to co-create tools and applications with Gateway to support DIA’s mission activities and tradecraft.

With Gateway, physical barriers to collaboration will be removed: there will no longer be a need to physically go to DIA spaces to showcase new tools and technologies. Furthermore, security clearances will not be required to become active on Gateway, though businesses must conform to DIA’s security standards for the platform.

Gateway aims to be user-friendly, creating a self-service platform for businesses to promote and share their new technologies and ideas with whom they choose. The Gateway site will also provide a space in which businesses can collaborate and communicate their strengths.

The launch of Gateway will occur later this year with an expanded release to industry partners.

Dan Doney, DIA chief innovation officer, talks about the new Open Innovation Gateway platform during the Innovation Symposium June 25. Photo by Navy Lt. Jeffrey Prunera.
Zacharie Hall, from the Intelligence Systems Support Office, and DIA’s Dan Doney demonstrate the new Open Innovation Gateway for industry partners at DIA’s second annual Innovation Symposium June 25. Photo by Navy Lt. Jeffrey Prunera.
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