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CHIPS Articles: New Symantec Enterprise Software Licensing Agreement Awarded

New Symantec Enterprise Software Licensing Agreement Awarded
By DoD ESI/DON Enterprise Licensing Agreements Team - April 17, 2014
Under the DON ESL IT Efficiencies initiative, the Department of the Navy announced on April 3, 2014, that DLT Solutions was awarded the ESL fixed-price Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) and concurrently awarded an Endpoint Encryption Enterprise Licensing Agreement (ELA) for Symantec Software under the BPA. This BPA is comprised of a base year with four one-year option periods. If all the options years are exercised the potential value of the BPA is $322 million. The ELA period is three years and has an estimated value of $12.73 million. The estimated savings of the ELA over historical non-ELA license costs is approximately $16.89 million over the three-year period. The initial order is for 8,396 New Endpoint Encryption licenses and 810,219 maintenance renewals for existing licenses. The total cost of the initial order is $520,000.

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