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CHIPS Articles: Rogers Takes Over Top NSA, Cyber Command Posts

Rogers Takes Over Top NSA, Cyber Command Posts
By Jim Garamone, American Forces Press Service - April-June 2014
FORT MEADE, Md (NNS) -- Navy Adm. Michael S. Rogers assumed command of U.S. Cyber Command and became director of the National Security Agency and the Central Security Service during a ceremony at Fort Meade April 3.

He succeeds Army Gen. Keith B. Alexander, who retired last week, in all three posts. Previously, Rogers was commander of the Navy's 10th Fleet, the service's cyber arm. He has already been confirmed by the Senate.

Michael G. Vickers, undersecretary of defense for intelligence, said Rogers is the right man for the job during a challenging time, and that the NSA has been central to America's national security.

"The work is not done," he said. "The security challenges we face today are complex and growing, our adversaries are determined. And when the lives of our nation's citizens are at stake, failure is not an option."

Rogers called for a moment of silence during the ceremony for "our Army teammates who are facing a great tragedy at Fort Hood."

Adm. Michael S. Rogers
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