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CHIPS Articles: Commercial Software License Acquisition Training

Commercial Software License Acquisition Training
DoD ESI offers on-site training and webinars
By DoD ESI/DON Enterprise Licensing Agreements Team - April 1, 2014
The Department of Defense Enterprise Software Initiative (DoD ESI) is conducting two-day on-site training courses which provide expert instruction from software licensing subject matter experts (SME)s on negotiating terms and conditions for software license and maintenance agreements.

Next available training dates:

  • EULA Best Practices Webinar: April 23
  • On-site training: Gunter AFB, AL April 30 - May 1

Throughout the government, program teams need assistance and expertise negotiating software license agreements. The participants of this training will acquire the initial skills needed to resolve conflicting terms and conditions / licensing issues and achieve effective negotiations skills to support the government’s mission. Per DoD IG Report DODIG-2013-115, all contracting personnel involved in preparing and issuing software license contracts should be required to take specialized training on using appropriate language in software acquisition contracts. The two-day on-site training course is designed to fulfill the DoD IG training requirement while the webinars are designed to provide additional targeted learning on End User License Agreements (EULA).

Day 1: Provides a broad overview of the IT industry and general concepts necessary for license negotiations.

Day 2: Provides much greater level of detail and concentration on a topic selected by the DoD or component training leadership in advance. See attached PDF for detailed course information.

Webinar Overview:

Learn the importance and impact of software terms in EULAs and how to address them when negotiating with a software publisher and/or reseller. Review the best practices and government EULA terms and conditions to include FAR requirements.

To view the On-Site Course Overview, go to

A complete list of training dates and locations can be found on the ESI website. If you would like a class in your location, please contact Renée Rothlein at (619) 553-9618 or

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