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CHIPS Articles: DON issues update about NGEN contract(s) award - May 29, 2013

DON issues update about NGEN contract(s) award - May 29, 2013
By Ed Austin, PEO-EIS Public Affairs Officer - May 29, 2013
Arlington, Va. - The Department of the Navy announced an update to the estimated award schedule for the Next Generation Enterprise Network contract(s) for transport and enterprise services.

According to the announcement published on the SPAWAR e-Commerce website: "The Government has re-entered into discussions with those offerors determined to be within the competitive range. This posting should not be interpreted as a reopening of the solicitation. In support of this re-entry into discussions, the Government is modifying its estimated contract award date under Amendment 0028 from May 31, 2013 to June 30, 2013. Again, this update in no way implies that new offers/offerors are being solicited. The Government reserves the right to award the contract or contracts in advance of its estimated award date. The Government will continue to keep industry apprised as appropriate of the acquisition/solicitation proceedings."

For more information pertaining to NGEN, contact Ed Austin, PEO-EIS Public Affairs Officer at 703-604-4380.

NGEN RFP Amendment 0028

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