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CHIPS Articles: Flexera Software Now Available Through ESI

Flexera Software Now Available Through ESI
By DoD ESI/DON Enterprise Licensing Agreements Team - May 2, 2013
On behalf of the DoD Enterprise Software Initiative (DoD ESI), the Department of the Navy SPAWARSYSCEN Pacific Code 55390 and the Naval Supply Systems Command, Weapon Systems Support, Mechanicsburg, Pa., have awarded blanket purchase agreements (BPAs) with DLT Solutions and Immix Group for Flexera Software's IT Asset Management software.

Flexera Software provides technology that supports application producers and enterprises in increasing application usage and the value they derive from their licensed software. Among the products available through the DoD ESI BPAs are the FlexNet Publisher license manager and the InstallAnywhere and InstallShield installation packages.

The DoD ESI BPAs for Flexera software are available to all DoD components including the Intel community and offer 20 percent minimum discount off GSA pricing for all product purchases. Maintenance, training and professional Services discounts will be less. For more information about Flexera Software, go to the ESI website:

DoD ESI and Enterprise Software Agreements have proven that managing the acquisition of commercially available software at the enterprise level reduces costs. DoD ESI enables aggregation of software requirements and promotes the use of Enterprise Software Agreements that leverage the DoD’s buying power. DoD ESI does not dictate the products or services to be acquired. For a list of Enterprise Software Agreements and information about product offerings, go to the ESI website:

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