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CHIPS Articles: Afghanistan Automated Biometrics Indentification System IPT First to Earn CMMI-SVC Gold

Afghanistan Automated Biometrics Indentification System IPT First to Earn CMMI-SVC Gold
By Sarah Ingram and Tiffany Alexander - October-December 2012
In January 2012, the Afghanistan Automated Biometrics Identification System (AABIS) integrated process team accomplished a milestone that no other IPT within Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic had yet achieved. The AABIS IPT was the first to be awarded a Gold Level Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Process Excellence award for successfully implementing the CMMI for Services (CMMI-SVC) model.

The AABIS team decided to use CMMI-SVC as a framework for streamlining processes in support of biometrics identity management and training services. Biometrics identity management is a key enabler to achieving enhanced security through improved vetting processes. The ability to achieve identity superiority and implement biometric technologies to identify potential adversaries ultimately depends on the way biometric and identity information is collected, identified, analyzed, shared and stored.

Equally important is the capability to protect, manage and dominate identity information using biometric technologies to facilitate positive identification, and enhance security and support criminal prosecution.

The purpose of the AABIS program is to develop a biometrics capability for the Afghan government that can be self-sustained by the Afghanistan National Security Forces (ANSF) as a long-term solution. The biometrics capability is a commercial off-the-shelf biometrics system, which was procured and built to meet the specific needs of the ANSF. The integrated architecture for the AABIS program encompasses planning, budgeting, managing, surveying, designing, procuring, installing, researching, developing, testing, training and maintaining.

Upon program initiation, the team immediately implemented SSC Atlantic project management, monitoring and control processes to provide a sound foundation for follow-on efforts. Industry partners from Booz Allen Hamilton spearheaded process improvement initiatives resulting in unprecedented, back-to-back internal CMMI-SVC Silver and Gold Level appraisals, achieving SSC Atlantic’s first CMMI-SVC Process Excellence Awards in May 2011 and January 2012.

The AABIS IPT began the internal CMMI assessment process by focusing on nine Silver Level process areas, including project planning, project monitoring and control, configuration management, requirements management, service delivery, risk management, process and product quality assurance, measurement and analysis, and supplier agreement management. In May 2011, the IPT successfully completed an internal Silver Level appraisal and received a Silver Level Process Excellence Award for CMMI-SVC.

IPT lead Adolphus “JR” Burrow supported the IPT moving forward with Gold Level implementation building upon sound Silver Level process areas. The team began to develop and implement processes to support the eight additional process areas including capacity and availability, incident resolution and prevention, service continuity, service system development, service system transition, strategic service management, integrated project management, and decision analysis and resolution. An internal data collection form was compiled, and throughout the data collection and mapping efforts, approximately 500 artifacts were collected and reviewed. The internal appraiser pointed to several AABIS activities that were highlighted as strengths and best practices. by the internal appraiser.

The AABIS Service Management Plan (SMP) Template is the first to be submitted to the SSC Atlantic process asset library, supporting CMMI-SVC artifacts. Additional template submissions include a service delivery log, document review matrix, requirements traceability matrix, threat analysis and response plan, and a call history log for tracking service incidents and reusable solutions. The IPT contributed these artifacts for use by others who are considering implementing the CMMI-SVC model. The internal appraiser noted that the response time for receiving updated artifacts was the fastest she had ever encountered and that the project assessment was one of the smoothest she had ever conducted. As a result, the AABIS IPT was the first SSC Atlantic project to be awarded Gold Level for successful implementation of the 17 prescribed CMMI-SVC process areas. AABIS continues to operate as a CMMI-SVC Maturity Level 3 compliant program in hopes of participating as a focus project in upcoming SSC Atlantic SCAMPI appraisals.



Afghanistan Automated Biometrics Identification System IPT: Apryl Akery, Tiffany Alexander, Adolphus “JR” Burrow, Sarah Ingram, Andrew Osti and Sarah Sorenson.
Afghanistan Automated Biometrics Identification System IPT: Apryl Akery, Tiffany Alexander, Adolphus “JR” Burrow, Sarah Ingram, Andrew Osti and Sarah Sorenson.
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