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CHIPS Articles: Joint Tactical Networking Center Opens

Joint Tactical Networking Center Opens
Joint Program Executive Office Joint Tactical Radio System (JPEO JTRS) Stands Down
By JTNC Corporate Communications and Public Affairs - October 11, 2012

SAN DIEGO, CALIF - In an Acquisition Decision Memorandum dated July 11, 2012, the Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition Technology and Logistics, Mr. Frank Kendall, approved the organizational restructure and realignment of mission responsibilities for the Joint Program Executive Office for the Joint Tactical Radio System (JPEO JTRS). The JPEO JTRS was officially closed effective September 30, 2012.

The transitioned organization, designated the Joint Tactical Networking Center (JTNC), will be responsible for development and sustainment related to Software Defined Radio (SDR) waveforms and network management. The JTNC will build on a legacy of SDR technology experience to develop and/or modernize radio waveforms and test and certify industry partner tactical networking devices to ensure interoperability across the services. The JTNC will improve warfighter ability to communicate and share information over secure radio communications.

SDR waveforms and the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) are key elements of future capabilities for all Services and must be properly managed and adequately staffed with technical subject matter experts. The JTNC will provide secure networking waveforms, capable of operating in a variety of hardware transport solutions, for both program of record and non-developmental item radios in support of combatant commander, service, and coalition interoperable network mission requirements. The JTNC will also manage the DoD Information Repository for these waveforms and rely on testing performed through established tests at SPAWAR Systems Center (SSC) Pacific, SSC Charleston, the Army's Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC) and other agencies.

"The transition of JPEO JTRS into the JTNC is a natural part of the JTRS evolution and will remain focused on meeting service, multi-service/joint and coalition advanced networking communications requirements," said Mr. Mark Compton, Director, JTNC. "The technical expertise, standards, waveform repository and reference implementation laboratories that are aligned to the JTNC will enhance competition and ensure effective and secure communications across the battlespace well into the future."

The new organization is active as of October 1, 2012.


As part of the Department of Defense, the Joint Tactical Networking Center (JTNC) develops, sustains and certifies Joint Tactical Networking applications and waveforms for the Warfighter; thus ensuring secure, interoperable and affordable battlefield networking systems. It is the provider for centralized management, development and sustainment of joint waveform and network management applications. For more information, visit:

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